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Show Up for Life

Life is like any other job.

Life's requirement for humans is for humans to show up for life.

When humans show up for life, life shows up for humans. 

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A Children's Book 

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What Makes You Laugh?

Laugh loud. Laugh long. Laugh often. Laughter offers multiple health benefits. It elevates your soul and raises your physical vibration....

Are Animals Lying To Us?

In Savage Garden's "The Animal Song", a line says, "children and animals tell the truth, they never lie", I disagree. I was a child once...

Mother Knows Best

Shouldn't we express gratitude and celebrate Mother's Day all year long? Mom answers the phone every time we call, and is always there...

Manifesting Dreams

Every new day is the first day of the rest of your life. Saying, "thank you", upon waking and taking in that first conscious breath, is...

Little Carbon Copies

I once read that children born now are born at a higher rate of vibration than their parents. If true, then as the generations expand...

Live Life with Life in Mind

When you see something you think would benefit from change, whether in your own life, the community you live in, or the world, changing...

Different Perspectives

Upon waking in the morning, instead of worrying about what is on my plate for the day, I look to see the day's events as a learning...

Properly Channeling Anger

Today a tree trimming company contracted by the electric company came on the property to clear away branches that pose a threat to the...

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