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Japanese Parasols

Channeled Visions

I'm posting this blog with the Japanese people in mind. Praying for you all.

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A Children's Book 

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My Foxy Totem Friend

Spiritual animals, totem animals and power animals have all been used for centuries by shamans, native tribes, and regular people like me...

There is a Heaven

Many, many moons ago, I worked as a lead veterinary technician at a small animal shelter north of Atlanta Georgia. My duties where many,...

Animal Friends

When we watch nature in her living and breathing diversity, is it any wonder that we can learn so much from her. The living planet can...

Ollie, The Teaching Owl

A few days ago while driving down the cedar lined, canopied driveway, I was startled by a large bird appearing immediately in front of my...

The Best Fathers In The World

According to, the 9 best qualities of a father are as follows: 1) He is protective, 2) He is affectionate, 3) He is a...

Behavior Shared by Whales and Humans

Whales and humans share many common behaviors. So is it no wonder that we have many similarities to our friendly, playful, intelligent,...

Are Animals Lying To Us?

In Savage Garden's "The Animal Song", a line says, "children and animals tell the truth, they never lie", I disagree. I was a child once...

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