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Are Humans Similar to Tasmanian Devils?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

In the late '90's scientists began a program trying to save Tasmanian Devils from a facial tumor that was killing off the species: Tasmanian devil - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On a tiny island off the coast of Australia, Maria Island, scientists in the hopes of saving the Tasmanian Devil population, inadvertently wiped out a colony of pocket sized penguins. The penguins had been living there happily for years until the devils were released on the island in 2012.

A group studying birds on Maria Island is not surprised by the devils killing an entire population of penguins. Now they fear for the birds and other wildlife living on the island:

What happens to the devils when they no longer have food to eat? Will they turn on their own species and start eating themselves? I don't know, but this situation reminds me of how people are using up more natural resources faster than the Earth can reproduce them. What will humans do when humans no longer have what they need for survival?

Using up resources faster than the Earth can reproduce them means our children, grandchildren and their children will not have access to the luxuries and conveniences that we and our ancestors have enjoyed. I don't think any of us want that for the future of our families. Here is a scary look at how fast we are running through the Earth's natural resources that we, and all living beings on Earth, depend upon. Example: Seafood gone in 26 years! What will that do to our planet?

I took the Earth Overshoot Day test to see how I stand up with all the recycling, reusing water, taking pirate showers (only turning on water to rinse off shampoo, conditioner and soap), washing my clothes in cold water, drying my clothes on the line, working from home, only driving about 10 miles a week, not running the ac, buying locally grown veggies and fruit, not eating meat, and more. According to Global Footprint Network, continuing my lifestyle would require me to need 3.5 Earth's. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I really thought I was doing much better than that. I thought I was part of the solution, not the problem. I need to do better, and the link below gives many ways we all can do better at helping our planet. See how you stack up and check out the Earth Overshoot Day link:

Humans don't need to be like Tasmanian Devils and destroy the very necessities we need for survival, but to do that, we all need to do our part.

I am confident the scientists will find some solution to the Tasmanian Devil's survival, but that is only if the Earth remains sustainable for us all.

Learn more about Tasmanian Devils below:

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