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Little Carbon Copies

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

I once read that children born now are born at a higher rate of vibration than their parents. If true, then as the generations expand with children, I wonder how parent or grandparents can expect their children or grandchildren to do as they do, or did. Teaching children about the courage and strength that they lived through are great lessons to fill a young mind.

Again, if true, how can any parent expect their child to be just like them? The child may gladly want to follow in their parents or grandparents footsteps and learn the ways of how things were done and how it brought us to the point we live in now. I imagine each new generation brings new ideas to the table on how to adjust to the changing times they were born into. All parents want their children to do better than they are doing or have done, so guiding them with the experience the parent has gained on their walk of life is invaluable. Teach them the mistakes not to make.

Some children don't feel connected to their parents at all and wonder, "How can I be a member of this family?" While some parents look at their child and wonder the same thing.

Maybe the time has come to become less human, and on this post Earth Day, become more like nature. Watch nature and learn how every member of Mother Earth's family understands the importance of giving back to Mother Earth. She is the protector for all living entities on the planet and guides her family until their purpose is fulfilled. This includes humans as well. She, through nature, tries to teach and guide humans, and those that pay attention understand the messages and the role they have in working with Mother Earth and not against her.

Humans need to remember they are part of Mother Earth's family and were put here to be stewards to the Earth. Nature maintains the balance required to produce the harmony that all entities are supposed to live in. Nature works together as a whole, as one entity, for the greater good of all, not just for a few. There is no balance or harmony in having a few at the top and the rest dwindling down from there, although some humans disagree with that. Humans have been tipping nature's balance for centuries, disrupting her harmony, and for what?

Humans have left nature no choice but to defend herself. And defend herself she will. If she chooses to take her wrath out on your area, nature doesn't discriminate, humans have that job locked up. She will do just as much damage or harm to a climate loving person as she will to a climate denier. Either way, she will right the wrongs that have been done to her.

We need to pull together - everyone - everywhere - if we are going to right this capsizing ship. That sounds like a huge task but really it is much easier than it sounds.

The change you seek, or the change you don't seek, starts with you. Each individual is responsible for how they think, what they say, and how they act on those thoughts. A person's actions are a reflection of what they are thinking. Allow a person's spoken words, written words, and actions tell you everything you need to know about that person.

All actions, including the treatment of others, the treatment of nature's family and Mother Earth, represent who a person truly is. Some may try to hide their true natures but the truth always prevails.

Living a life driven by egoic, selfish desires, including going against nature, are human traits no one should want their children to be a carbon copy of. Hopefully those wasteful, destructive days are dying as a New Earth rises with higher vibrational children being born everyday.

Happy Belated Earth Day Mother Earth,

with love from all your children.

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