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Do You Want To Walk, Run, or Dance Through Life?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A very dear friend of our family did just that!!

First he learned to walk through his young life with the help of his loving family.

Then he learned to run through his early years with the help of his friends.

And finally learning to dance through the exciting years of enjoying the fruits of his labors with his light of foot family that he pieced together over the years.

When the physical body is no longer capable of supporting the special spark that makes us all who we are, it will depart to a healthier living space.

When the spark departs the physical form for the other side, it never leaves us. It now cloaks us in love and protection. It becomes another guardian angel or spirit guide to help us through the day. All we have to do is give them permission to help us with anything at any time.

With your permission, your guardian angels and spirit guides can now pick you up when you are down, stand tall next to you when you are up, and guard you always with love and protection.

First walking, then running and finally dancing through life with our guardian angels at our side, spirit guides guiding us along the way, and the never ending support from family and friends who teach us with love that this journey has been the grandest ball of them all!!

I have not gone anywhere. I am standing right beside you waiting for a hug.

This blog is dedicated to one of our family's dearest friends, Eric, and to everyone around the world who has lost someone dear.

Please spirit guides, guardian angels, power and totem animals; help, guard, and protect us always, for you are our dearest friends.

With love - Everyone.

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Kathie Snowden
Kathie Snowden
Mar 26, 2021

What a beautiful tribute! Glad to see the blog back up.

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