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Life’s Balancing Act

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

There is a fine line in balancing life. Life is a balancing act between the free will of the human spirit and acknowledgement of the moral compass most humans are born with. Can we really do anything we want without consequence? And why would we want to?

Humans function on a different level than other animals. Humans have the knowledge that their bodies have a shelf-life but their souls are immortal. I can’t imagine elephants, sharks, chimpanzees, or the rest of the animal kingdom sitting around discussing their own body’s mortality. But animals have something humans have forgotten, their connection and balance to the natural world.

Where humans think they are above the natural world, animals work with the energies of the natural world, working in balance with nature instead of butting heads with nature. Maybe animals have it easier than humans, animals act instinctively, while humans are more reactive.

Humans have the opportunity to learn book knowledge, experience life thus gaining life knowledge, and the freedom to search to our hearts content for spiritual knowledge. Is life’s journey to understand the balance between the mortal living self, the immortal soul, and the lessons learned while living in our mortal bodies? What purposes are we here to experience on Earth before we venture on to our next assignment?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all humans from the time of birth were excited to learn about and work with the powers to be, the powers of the Universal Father, the merciful Son, and the Infinite Spirit? Would life on Earth change? Would we suddenly become the change we wish to see in the world if we did?

Often I will practice darts when taking a break from writing. And while practicing darts the other day I was focused on closing out a number on the board I had already closed. Realizing I was throwing at the wrong number, I said to myself, “What am I doing?”

I wasn’t expecting a response but I received one anyway. The answer to my question was this, “Practicing life is practicing hopefully what you love.” That made a lot of sense to me and I began thinking of balance. I was in a rush to finish the game I was playing with myself instead of focusing on the board and the open numbers that needed to be closed.

I’ve never feared the spiritual energy that flows through me, it’s the acceptance of the energy and the feelings that come with the energy that is my balancing act of channeling. When I feel a fearful feeling overcome me I also know that feeling will pass, along with any angst or bewilderment.

Channeling isn’t about my life, it’s about allowing positive energies to flow through me into the ethers of this lifetime. Life for me isn’t about doing a few big things but instead doing a lot of itty bity important itty bity things.

When I think of the positive energies flowing into the ethers of this lifetime I think of how love is spirit and spirit is love. There is a balance between the powers that be and humans that help improve the lives of those aware of their positive powers.

Carpe Diem to all those juggling life’s balancing act.

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