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The World We Choose to Live In

The crisis around the world is affecting everyone everywhere. Whether it’s the cost of groceries, gas, clothes, home, or car repairs, everyone is feeling the pinch.

So, when people become unhappy with the life they are living, sometimes the negativity consumes their conversations. When I find myself in a negative conversation with someone, I try to remember everyone is suffering, and that it’s not just one person, or one family.

If someone is harboring a sad secret about a lost loved one, or the loss of a beloved pet, they may not realize their grief can consume their talk and thinking. This can bring about unhappy conversations at happy gatherings.

We can choose to live in a world filled with bad, stressful news, and we can choose to hang out with people that harbor sad secrets, or are negative thinkers, or we can choose not to.

When daily current events are filled with the horrors of tragic human behavior toward other humans, tragic human behavior toward the planet, and tragic human behavior toward wildlife, sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed.

We decide with every decision we make whether we are part of the bad news or not. We can choose not to partake in the injustices being done to all manners of life on Earth, by keeping our minds positively elevated above the insanity, or we can fall into the negative trap of the negative thinkers and doers.

Insanity stems from insane people, though not everyone may be clinically insane. Just watch what people do and say and make up your own mind whether some of these people are just plain “nuts” or not.

As the truth of what some humans are doing becomes more apparent, so does the insanity of humans, and the lengths people will go to be more insane. Why is that cool?

When I have a heavy heart, I remind myself of how to get out of having a heavy heart – with gratitude.

I have gratitude for all I have. For family and friends. For pets, nature and all who live in nature, and the fact I can live in the clouds when the insanity of humans comes knocking on my door, is a saving grace.

You see, I choose to live in the clouds no matter where I am, by enjoying what I am doing. I can turn off the news. I can turn on music. I can go for a walk and watch and listen to birds. I can study and get to know the trees and plants in the yard.

I have many different and enjoyable ways of escaping man’s insanity laced life on Planet Earth, and I hope all the others who are suffering can find their place in the clouds too.

How many ways through gratitude do you escape the insanity of man?

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