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With God, Me, and My Guide’s Help

Every day I strive to do my best with what I have to work with. I ask God, my guides, and myself, what can I do better with what I have to work with. I always find room for improvement, spiritually, bodily, and mentally when I honestly allow them to work through me with me.

Without growth how can I have progress? When I have no growth there is no progress and negativity is not growth, nor is it progress. This thought brings me to the powers that want to keep the status quo that has been the way things have been done for centuries. The old way of doing things isn’t sustainable any more.

God and His army of guides, angels, and an endless amount of helpers live in eternity. Therefore cultures that have existed for centuries are a mere drop in the bucket on the eternity scale of things. Everything on planet earth has been advancing at a rapid rate since man began developing technology to make life easier for some, richer for others, while others have been left behind, sometimes on purpose.

When we destroy natural habitats for condos, subdivisions, shopping malls, well you get the idea, we are destroying the very ecosystems that everything needs to survive. By introducing ornamental plants to our yards and landscapes we are destroying the native natural ecosystems that took millions of years to develop. Butterflies, bees, flowers, trees, and even humans, cannot adapt in this rapid environment that humans have created. Thus destroying the very planet that sustains us and the very creation of God.

A shiver just ran through me. The thought of destroying anything that God has created gives me the shivers. Humans have forgotten why they are here. Humans are here to tend to the Earth, not to do what they want to do when they want to do it regardless of the consequences, because the consequences have arrived, and it looks bleak.

If people could slow their roll and go back to basics, back to a life where people worked together to help their neighbors and communities, then maybe the human race, and all other entities that humans share the planet with might have a chance of survival for future generations. If we don’t, I fear we will be on the wrong side of God’s wishes for us. Another shiver.

Everyone loves to go on vacation to relax, slow life down, take it easy, be laid back, but can we only do this on vacation? No! Humans can talk themselves into anything, including making their daily life a vacation, depending on what you fill your daily life with. You want strife and fast pace and everything at your fingertips, well you are living at the right time. You want to slow your roll, never been a better time than now for that.

I try to live in a paradise state of mind. The more I practice living in God’s paradise here on Earth, the easier it becomes to stay there. Think about it, what part of planet Earth isn’t a paradise in some way or another to someone or something? The Earth, and God, don’t create havoc and strife, unless it’s a natural disaster, and we have plenty of those, many caused because of human behavior.

Beyond natural disasters, God and the Earth, don’t create traffic jams, bad bosses, crappy jobs, high prices for food and gas, we do. So we have no one to blame for our own strife’s but ourselves and the communities we have created. If we don’t like the way things are, change the things we don’t like. If we think we can’t, try reaching out to people in our church or community for help. People naturally enjoy helping others, it gives the person doing the helping a sense of purpose beyond their already purpose to tend the Earth.

Of course we all react differently to the fear of the stressful events that are surrounding our lives right now. The soft, mellow, easy going, laid back way of life seems as close as the moon sometimes, but we sure love the thought of vacations, so why can’t we have those feelings all the time? We can when we are honest with ourselves, and rediscover our purpose in this life. Our purpose to learn about the nature around us and what the animals, insects and avian worlds have to offer for our survival and put that learning to work for us all.

We already have the answers to our questions, we just need to look within and be completely honest with ourselves to find them. God, our guides, and His army of helpers can help us take a minute to live in that paradise state of mind. One minute turns into two, then three, and so on. Achieving happiness is possible for everyone if we just look within to find it. Happiness is not hidden, nor is the truth.

Carpe Diem truth, happiness, and Earth purpose searching people.

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