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Life’s Un-Expectancy

From one day to the next we never know what the day will bring. Most of us rise in the morning with a laundry list of errands, chores, and work to do, but as I’ve heard it said many times, “God laughs when you make plans”.

How true!! This Thanksgiving I was to join my daughter, her new husband, my mother, and our friends for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter and step son’s new home, but God had other plans.

My partner had a hip injury that required me to stay home and care for him, the animals, and the property. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, but there was nothing I could do but stay. So I toughed it out, my partner has recovered and though I know God laughs when you make plans, I hope I make it to see them for Christmas.

All was not lost in me having to stay home and look after my invalid friend. I was able to get together with my dearest girlfriend for an extended birthday lunch. I told her months ago about a book another friend of mine had mentioned to me, and being how she must read everything she can get her hands on, she immediately bought the book and began reading it.

My friend that told me about the book had read it when he was a teenager and he said it changed his life. My girlfriend began reading the book the moment she received it and has been telling me about it for months. I kept thinking I need to get that book, but I didn’t have to, she bought me my own copy for my birthday. Boy was I excited! I couldn’t wait to get started.

The book is named The Urantia and the easiest way for me to describe it is, Christians have the Bible, Muslims have the Koran, and Spiritualist have The Urantia.

I’ve been reading the book for a few days now and when I say it’s like a Bible for spiritualist I mean it. It is beautifully written and jam packed with a wealth of knowledge about Earth and the inhabitants of Earth, our purposes, our place in the Universe, and our relationship with God, plus much more.

It’s nearly impossible to describe the book. It is like the book takes on a life of its own with the person reading it. That would be my best way to describe my experience with The Urantia so far, it speaks to me.

There is one main idea that has filled my head since I’ve been reading it. When we hurt ourselves or others we hurt God as well. All of us have a God spark in us, so when we harm ourselves through abusive behavior, stress, poor diet, and no exercise, according to The Urantia God feels that too. When that realization hit me I thought, “I don’t want to harm or hurt God or me”, so when I want to order French fries I think about my cholesterol and God.

We never know where inspiration and enthusiasm may come from, but it always seems to show up when you need it most. If that is not working in harmony with God then I don’t what is, I know I can do better with my diet, so I ask him for strength, and thank him when my will power kicks in.

Carpe Diem to all those searchers for a better way of life, and a better way to help others and themselves. Enjoy the book!!!!!

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