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Live Life with Life in Mind

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When you see something you think would benefit from change, whether in your own life, the community you live in, or the world, changing those things in your life first is the key.

When you understand your thoughts are behind the manifestations in your life, you understand where to start to make the changes you wish to see.

Keeping a keen focus on the changes you wish to see can show you how to begin the changes within yourself. Small changes have huge impacts. Change is only scary because the ego says it is. Tell your ego to Stop It, when it runs away with your mind and keeps you gripped in fear or confusion.

The job of life is not punching a time clock, It is not commuting to work or even going to work at all. It is about participating in helping humankind learn to live life with life in mind.

Being responsible is being mindful to the reaction of any situation. If the reaction comes from fear or anger it is from the ego. Is the reaction out of kindness and love? Or is the reaction down the middle and neutral, as opposed to confrontational or argumentative?

Learning about living in harmony with all life on the planet is everyone's responsibility. Learning about Mother Earth, and from Mother Earth, is our job in helping her help us survive as a species.

Learning about myself and growing up from those learning experiences is expected. Learning my actions are only me thinking out loud, helps me to easier see where changes can and should take place.

Learn that people are like little personal tornadoes. They have their own paths they travel through life. Some are devastating, some cause minor damages, while others never make it to the ground.

Being affected physically, emotionally, and spiritually by Heaven's energy from above and the Earth's energy below, the little tornadoes can use their energy for good or bad, for destruction or for helpfulness. The choice is up to each individual tornado.

To help make the changes needed in the world, the change begins within each swirling tornado.

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