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Masters, Practicers, and Perfectionist

During this earthly walk I have met many perfectionist, but I have yet to meet a master of anything. I have met plenty of experts in their fields, but when I think of a master, I think of someone who is beyond reproach in the life they lead. I guess Jesus comes to mind, he was truly a master of love.

There have been a few masters that have graced this Earth like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, and other bigger than life spiritual teachers like Gandhi for example, but most of us are practicers. Some try and try to become masters of their lives and occupations, and many may come close, but most of us remain practicers of becoming masters.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our spirits come to this planet to live out a human life and collect as much knowledge as possible so we may live the best life possible.

We do the best we can because the best is all we have to give. When the playground isn’t perfect or even, then no one should expect to be perfect or equal. We are imperfect people living amongst each other to lift each other up. You are what you are because that is what you are supposed to be during this Earthly journey.

Imagine if we all have the power to heal the Earth thru strong ancient roots, well maybe we do. Through tentacles of truth and not through banana waves of craziness we can judge life or we can accept life for what it is. Resistance is non-acceptance and that is an individual choice, but practicing at accepting life for what it is is another step toward mastering life.

I don’t think of myself as being born into society, I think of myself as being born into life. I will be who I am supposed to be and who I am meant to be to the best of my ability by practicing doing my best. I have often said that I am a jack of all trades and a master of none because while I am practicing I am still here. If I become a master is my time up?

I see life as a slow moving meditation. We move through energies and energies move through us. If we hang on to negative energies they stick to us like glue and keep us from moving forward, and life is about moving forward and not allowing negativity to interfere with our practice of life.

With Thanksgiving behind us we can all settle into the 2022 Holiday Season. I hope this Holiday Season brings all the perfection, all the mastery, and all the opportunities available for practicing being our best.

Carpe Diem practicers, masters, and perfectionist of life!

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