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The Sixty Second Rule

Last Friday I went to the park to prepare the pavilion for my Tai Chi/Qigong class as I do every Wednesday and Friday. But on this particular Friday a friend of mine, we’ll call him Joe, who does his own form of a slow meditation work out at the pavilion was also there.

Joe comes to the park as often as he can which is why I usually see him most Wednesdays and Fridays when I am there for my class. But last Friday he had brought a friend with him and they were discussing how high the water level was.

We have had a lot of rain recently and the water table is very high everywhere including the park. The pavilion is located on a raised area of land next to the parking lot, probably built that way to keep the pavilion and parking lot dry, but with the recent rains, the water is creeping closer and closer to the pavilion.

Since their conversation was easily within my ear shot, I overheard Joe mentioning his fear of snakes to his friend. After about ten seconds of this discussion, I mentioned to Joe that he may want to stop talking about his fear of snakes because the more you think about something, the more you attract it.

A law of attraction spiritual advisor I have studied is named Ester Hicks. Ester channels a group of spiritual advisors known as “Abraham”, or “The Teachings of Abraham”. Abraham teaches the law attraction, or in other words, what you think becomes your reality if you think about it long enough.

While I set up for class, I could hear Joe continuing to tell his friend about his fear of snakes. Finally I said to him, “Joe, do you know the more time you spend thinking about something or someone, you begin to manifest them, right?”

The two of them became silent, so I said, “After 16 seconds of continual thought on one subject you are attracting energy to that subject. After 60 seconds of thinking about that subject you begin to attract that subject’s energy to you. If you don’t want to see snakes, I suggest you stop thinking and talking about them.”

I was a little surprised they didn’t seem to relate to the law attraction but I wasn’t surprised when I showed up this Wednesday and a huge water moccasin was leisurely swimming through the flood waters not 20 feet from the pavilion.

My Tai Chi class and I watched in amazement and horror as a little blue heron and a little snowy egret both landed near the large snake. I know these birds eat snakes but this was a very large snake for two very small birds. The snake never lashed out at the birds as the two circled him, exploring him for weaknesses, and an opportunity for a meal.

The snowy egret flew off but the little blue heron continued to circle the snake. Once the snake saw a safe opening it headed to the safety of the tall reeds and water lilies. The class and I were stunned to think that big poisonous snake was afraid of two little birds, but off he went, and who are we to second guess nature.

I did not see the snake again today when I had class, but one of my class members, whose is a neighbor of Joe’s, said that he will not be returning to the park to do his exercises until the water has receded. Evidently the other day while doing his stretching exercises on his yoga mat, he came face to face with a snake.

I don’t know what kind of snake because he wasn’t there today for me to talk to him about it, but evidently he won’t be back until the water recedes. So I say to everyone out there, be careful what you think and for how long you think about it.

Also, be careful what you talk about and for how long you talk about it, if you don’t want scary things popping into your life. Or your thoughts could be about peace, prosperity, and the goodness for all living creatures great and small. Try attracting that instead of fears. Remember the 60 second rule.

Carpe Diem the watchers of the 60 seconds!

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