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Properly Channeling Anger

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Today a tree trimming company contracted by the electric company came on the property to clear away branches that pose a threat to the power lines. The electric company owns the easement and we have no say in the matter.

I asked the foreman could they come back in a month to give the baby birds, caterpillars and other critical insects and animals a chance to grow up a little before destroying their habitats. He said, "No. You are our last stop before moving on."

Then I asked him, "Why do this in spring when the Earth is just waking up after winter and everything is blooming and growing? Why not do this in summer, fall or winter and spend springtime burying the lines?" He had no answer.

Then I asked him once they started trimming these beautiful cedar trees, "Why do you cut off one whole side of the trees all the way to the ground, lop siding the poor trees?" He said, "It makes it easier when the tree blows down in a storm for the men to come in and clean it up". It seemed to me lop siding the trees is just as dangerous, not to mention the destruction done to the environment.

Now I was totally lost with this conversation. What storm? Will the trees ever fall? They haven't so far. I watched in tears as they hacked and sawed the beautiful branches, ten to fifteen feet on each side of the power lines, shaking the 30 to 40 foot cedars from top to bottom. Then mulching the branches, nests, cocoons, chrysalis, blooming flowers, anything and everything that lived in and on those branches into tiny pieces. The beautiful meadow, full of wildflowers, and wildlife, providing protection for rabbits, field mice, snakes, foxes, wild turkeys, and other little critters that live on the property tilled to dirt.

After walking away sobbing, I had to find another way to deal with my anger and sorrow. That thought led me to another question for the foreman. I composed myself, walked back to the horrific scene and asked him if he knew anyone who could come out and bury the electrical lines? He said, "Yes. The electric company, for a fee." I would gladly pay to not have to live through this again.

Then I started thinking, if everyone's power lines were buried, we wouldn't have as many power outages during storms, not to mention lowering the risk of wildfires.

Bottom line - I was very angry and upset at 4 men just for doing their job. But I was able to work through the anger and pain by finding a solution in asking the person I was angry with for help. Now I have a choice. A choice for nature, a choice not to be inconvenienced during inclement weather, a choice to reach out to lawmakers for change, and a choice for these nice men not to have to come here again.

After their big noisy trucks of doom left, I took pictures of the barren landscape left behind, and as I cried the birds that make this property their home, the survivors, started singing their beautiful soothing songs, reminding me that we are the ones crying and singing for those who died. We are the ones left behind to carry the mantel of change, and change begins with education and cooperation on all sides.

I hope dear reader, you too opt for change and take up the mantel to nurturing, cooperating and loving nature. It is not our job to destroy nature for the convenience of humans. That is proving to be a downfall for us.

Nature is coming for us all, it is best to be nice to her.

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