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What Makes You Laugh?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Laugh loud.

Laugh long.

Laugh often.

Laughter offers multiple health benefits. It elevates your soul and raises your physical vibration. In other words, laughter is good for you. If you don't believe me, Google it, or ask a doctor.

Noticing the things that make you laugh, will make you laugh more.

Keep track throughout the day of the little things that make you laugh or smile. Tuck them into a memory bank for you to refer to at a later date, when you need a pick me up.

If you are feeling blue, ask yourself, what makes me laugh? Animal videos? Then watch some to lift you from blue to laughter.

Do you laugh at yourself? That is a very good way of getting to know, love, and respect yourself. If you can't laugh at your own silliness, then how can you honestly laugh at other's silliness? Pay attention to your humanness with a humorous twist. Don't take anything too seriously, after all the manifested world we live in is a product of every human beings thoughts. Now that is funny.

Keep track of your laughter and smiles, they are contagious, and they are good for you.

Feel sad? Think of something happy. Feel the smile beginning? Now laugh and release all anxiety to Heaven.

Have a happy, laughter filled day.


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