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Who Can We Believe in Anymore?

The people I thought I could believe in that stood up for democracy included those in the United States, other democracies around the world, and people in non-democracy countries fighting for their freedom.

Everyone’s life is of their own making. So, if you have unprotected sex and end up pregnant, are you going to blame the baby? The indiscriminate bombing of innocent people makes them victims, not someone who didn’t use contraception during a heat of passion.

If I applied for a job, most places would drug test me. So why is it ok for people in charge of superpowers to do steroids or other drugs? Is it because they are dictators and that is, ok? Or is it because they think they can do it all?!?

Is it ok to allow the top dogs free reign? Is it ok to allow them to make their own disastrous decisions, and destroy whatever they feel like, or is it time to level the playing field? Minorities have been screaming about leveling the playing field for forever, or at least since the beginning of racism. And why does racism exist anyway? No one is better than anybody else.

It is a brave, and mature action when an adult learns from a child. We are all God’s children, and the very Nature around us is the adult we should be learning from. Is this why we keep repeating our mistakes? Or is it because we don’t stand up to the very threats in front of our faces?

Trusting your heart is always a good place to start trusting your own beliefs. If you have an open mind and carefully watch what the people in power do and don’t listen to what they say, lies are not what they used to be with big brother watching.

The world order has changed. You want clean water in the future, you may have to fight for that. You want privacy, that went out after 9/11 so you will have to continue to fight for that.

Personally, I stay right where I am. I continue to strive to be the best person I can be with what I have, and so far, that has been enough. I’m not out looking for a big high paying job, a new husband, or a new way of life. I am making the best of what God has given me. I work hard every day to improve myself as a person, so when God sounds the trumps, I will be one of the people He can rely on.

Carpe Diem Truth Seekers

Stand with Ukraine!!

Fight against Authoritarianism!!!

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