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I've struggled for years to figure out who to forgive myself and others.

One day while walking down my cedar canopied drive, I was asking myself that very question on how to do just that; forgive myself and others.

The thoughts that filled my head were, "Forgiveness is easy when you apply the words of Jesus to yourself as well as to the person you are thinking about".

Jesus's words, "Forgive them for they know not what they do", made perfect sense to me at that moment. It is not them or me that I need to forgive, it is the ego of the people I'm wishing to forgive along with my own.

When I look at my own actions and decisions, I take a moment to examine whether the actions or decisions came from my higher self or from the ego. An unconditioned ego is not trained to make good decisions leading to good actions. Unconditioned egos can make good people make bad choices, or bad decisions leading to bad actions.

I have seen the unconditioned ego at work to the point where the person has no recollection of the harm they caused to someone else. This was not a memory failure, it was an unconscious ego failure.

While absorbing the message of forgiveness, I felt a release of tension throughout my whole body. Now when I think of those I'm trying to forgive, including myself, I remember the words of Jesus and repeat them to my heart, knowing one day, I will find the forgiveness I seek.

Carpe Diem Forgiveness Seekers

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