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Showing Up for Life

A friend of mine once said she loves it when I share the channeling that helps me through life. So I’ll take her advice and share some channeling insights that have helped me get through the past two weeks and the weeks to come, God willing (a statement I say all the time now because none of us know our futures).

One channeled thought that has stayed with me these past few weeks is, “Just show up for life”. What I received from that channel is you don’t have to wake up every day and work at life, when you show up for life, life works with you, and you just roll with the punches. Take life as it comes and be prepared for anything, but don’t project anything either. Projecting keeps me in a state of fear of what life may dish up, not what life has put on my plate.

Another channel I wrote down was, “You fight for your right to survive”. I’ve applied that to everything. Now my best friend hates the word “fight” and my life partner hates the word “hate”. So I’ve tried for their benefits, and to help keep my words impeccable which is the first of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (, not to use them as loosely as I have in the past.

When this channel came through I immediately thought of the word “fight”, and a different way to see that word or perceive that word. Fighting doesn’t have to be a physical fight, fighting can be just standing up for what you believe in, fighting for your rights. Fighting for your right to survive may sound like a battle, but I think the guides wanted me to see fighting for my rights and my right to be who I am, by simply showing up for life every day and to do my best. The fourth agreement of the Four Agreements mentioned above, always do your best.

On a lighter note, I received a channel, “Grill baby, grill. Don’t drill baby drill. Just grill baby grill.” Who knows where that channel came from, a guide that loves the planet I guess.

Another channel I thought was interesting was, “There is no “me” to channel – my existence is to allow Them to channel through me.” In other words, I have closed the monkey mind to the point where most of my daily activity is responsive to life. I show up for life every day, and every day my life is guided by the simple loving thoughts that the guides nudge me with.

Another, “I am here, so why should I fear?” I understood this one immediately! I am here because I am worthy of being here. I have a life purpose and a job to complete on this life’s journey, and all the help I need from Them to complete my purpose and my life’s job.

They showed me this next channel in a comical way: I say, “Oh God!” and God answers back, “What?” Then I say, “Help me, Help me!” and God says, “I AM, I AM”. After all, God is known as The I AM, Heavenly Father, Creator, etc. Made sense to me. We are not separate from God, he lives in each and every one of us and will always be there to help.

Every one everywhere has the same inalienable rights as the next person. Society doesn’t always allow for people to live to their potential though, and God is watching.

God watches over us all, whether we show up for life or not, but when I discovered I could get out my own way and allow the love of the guides and God to flow through me, I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like if we all had the same awareness of this.

Carpe Diem to all those who show up for life and to all those still navigating their way through life. All the help you need is there, all you have to do is ask for the help and believe they will help you and they will, and then your life will change. I ask for help constantly, works every time.

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