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Whew! What A Learning Year.

2023 has been quite the year! I’m sure some folks cruised through the year and barely noticed a shift, while I’m sure others have had great struggles. I’d put myself somewhere in the middle.

The struggles that 2023 has brought on her back included two horrible diagnosis for my loved one. Prostate Cancer and Dementia. My loved one is taking it in stride from what I’ve observed through his, “It is what it is attitude”, and these life changing diagnosis have awaken something in me that is taking me down a very unusual path.

I’ve never been interested in the Bible and I’ve never given much thought about God, except to say, “Who am I to say there is no God”. While growing up I had one set of grandparents that were regular church goers, even going so far as to put a new roof on their church, while the other set of grandparents, though full of faith, were more like party animals.

With religion not being a big part of my life, it allowed me to find my own way to God and to discover my own faith. I once had someone ask me if I fell off an 80 foot building did I believe a net would appear and break my fall? I responded with a resounding “Yes”, my friend continued, “That is faith”. Her comment at that time in my life made a big difference in switching my thinking about God and my relationship with Him and my relationship with Jesus.

Recently I’ve been doing a deep dive into the Bible, the Urantia, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and many more. This sudden interest in these religious texts has caught me quite off guard, or maybe I should just say, “I didn’t see this coming”.

I’m finding the readings are comforting during these difficult times, and learning that these struggles are nothing more than life lessons. How does the saying go, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and the other 90% is how you react to the 10%”? Well there you go. I could be angry that I am having to go through this situation again, my first husband I nursed for 6 years before his death. Or I can look at my new life through experienced eyes. I can say to myself, “I got this! I’ve been here before.”

The one important lesson that I am learning is that life is not out to get me, life just is life. Life will happen and if you’re part of life then life will bring you along for good times and bad. The important lesson to me is to keep reminding myself of these lessons and not allow myself to be brought down by the circumstances.

I love life. I love life’s lesson, for good and bad.

Carpe Diem life learners!

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