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When Searching for the Right Words

In last week’s blog I referenced the Toltec teaching book, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. The agreement, “Be Impeccable with your Words”, is the first of four Toltec teachings, but sometimes being impeccable with your words can leave you with not a lot to say.

With today’s increasing tensions, sometimes finding the right words can be difficult. Most people don’t intentionally mean to hurt, or want to harm someone with their words, but inadvertently it still happens.

A main form of communication the human race has always used has been through speaking and writing words. And like my educator Dad says, “Words can come out like bullets”.

We have all had teachers, parents, or grandparents who have helped us learn our ABC’s. And at this crucial time for education, I’d like to give a special shout out to all teachers, and educators who have a profession worth deserving of much more gratitude than they receive. Thank You!!

Teachers, parents, and grandparents teach children words to say, but do the teachers, parents, and grandparents teach the children the meaning behind the words they are teaching them to say? Are the educators teaching how important the words are, so they don’t come out like bullets?

I wonder if the people doing the teaching themselves understand the importance of the words they are teaching. I’m too old to remember many of my English teachers, but I have a father who retired from being an educator, so I will hear about this blog from him.

Hanging on to the simple things in life can bring joy to some people. Simple high vibrational words also bring comfort, like the words love, happy, awe inspiring, and amazing.

These simple words, describe the simplest of things. The beauty of a hummingbird feeding at a hummingbird feeder, or a large dandelion plant is happy and fun, while watching a bald eagle fly free is awe inspiring.

When someone pays attention to the words they are saying, it allows them to stay in the moment, and keep tabs on the words they are saying.

When you keep a mental focus on the moment you are in, you are not distracted by a future moment, or a pesky memory from the past, you can relax and find the words you’d really like to say.

Staying in the moment accomplishes two things:

First – you keep yourself where you are – in the moment.

Second – you give yourself time to think of your words before they can potentially come out like bullets.

Let’s be kind to each other and think of the words that could potentially become bullets before we open our mouths. We can be the change we wish to see in the world, one word at a time.

Be grateful for all you have, you never know when it might be gone, and share it freely with others, for that is where true happiness lies.

Carpe Diem educators and word watchers!!!!

God Bless our heroic troops, here and abroad!!!!!

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