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Truth Is

I imagine walking into an empty room, except for ten chairs placed in a circle. Each chair represents a different emotion, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Forgiveness, Hope, Faith, Doubt, Love, Anger, and Shame.

When I sit in the chair labeled Fear, I will have no fear, for the chair can’t hurt me, only my fear of the chair, or my fear of fear, can do me harm.

When I sit in the happiness chair, and the feeling of happiness fills my soul, the truth is I am truly happy living in my own skin.

Truth is knowing when I sit in the chair of sadness, that sadness comes in many forms, mostly loss. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a home, but if I am truly comfortable in my own skin, sadness doesn’t exist for long. There is a way through sadness when I look for the hope and faith that resides within.

Sitting in the forgiveness chair means my truth is knowing that I not only accept myself for who I am, but I also accept life for what it is, fleeting and every changing.

Truth is knowing faith is the glue that holds my life together while on my 3D journey here on Planet Earth.

Truth is sitting in the chair labeled hope and knowing that I am a chip off the old block, that the Creator’s spark lives in my soul, and He will never abandon me, allowing me a lifetime supply of hope.

When I settle into the chair of doubt, I don’t doubt that I have come a long way to sit comfortably in an uncomfortable chair.

Sitting in a chair labeled Shame will give most people the willies, but not when I know I am comfortable with who I am. There is no shame in that.

When I sit in the chair labeled love, I wonder if the life I have lived has reflected the person I am. Does my loving behavior help improve the community surrounding me and does the work I do help the betterment of all?

The flip side of love can be anger, and truth be told, anger has always been a parasite in my life. Truth is knowing I can sit in any one of these chairs and be comfortable in my own skin because I understand these emotions are only human, egoic emotions, they do not represent the person I am inside.

Truth is understanding when I do my best, I have the support of the Universe and I am in the natural flow of life. Good things when I am in tune.

Truth is knowing I have value. My life has purpose and meaning. I help to make a difference, while I have a seat at the big table of life.

Truth is that I understand I am loved by an omnipotent energy that never judges or punishes. The Supreme Being needs not to be either judgmental or punishing, for humans do a good job at that towards each other already.

Carpe Diem truth seekers!!

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