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The Rainbow River of Life

The other evening while having a lovely conversation with a dear long-term friend from Michigan, her late husband came through. When I say, “came through”, I am referring to channeling.

Channeling for me means feeling someone else’s energy fill the space around me. On this particular evening, my friend’s late husband’s energy flowed through me, and his energy gave me a vision of the rainbow river of life.

What I witnessed while speaking with her I can only compare to a spring stream after a winter thaw in living color. Flowing past me were the vibrating rainbow colors of life.

I have written about rainbows before, I have written blogs referring to rainbows. I have written about a rainbow meditation regarding putting a rainbow umbrella over an area when severe weather is approaching.

I have written a children’s book titled, “Double Rainbow Bubbles”. In this book a little girl wraps everything she touches in God’s protecting double rainbow bubbles of love. Double Rainbow Bubbles: 9798455505089: Rae, S.: Books

But on this particular evening the channeling felt different.

When his energy flowed through me, he showed me the frequency and flow of life. He showed me this as if I was standing in the middle of a flowing rainbow river of love.

All life is energy. All life has frequency and vibration. I was shown life’s frequency and vibration in the colors of the rainbow. The vision filled my living room. I literally witnessed the colors of the rainbow flowing right in front of me.

It wasn’t just the colors of the rainbow that filled my senses, it was the feeling of love and protection that came with the amazing vision. What a sight to see, life flowing by you in the colors of the rainbow and leaving love in its path. What a gift.

This gift happened because my friend and I work together to stay in communication with her late husband, as I do with mine own. I hope one day everyone can witness the loving rainbow colors of life’s energy. If not witness, then I hope everyone can one day feel the rainbow color of the love of life.

Carpe Diem rainbow life energy searchers.

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