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The Office and the Shadow Figure

I awoke early one morning around 4am and decided to take my recorder into the office to lay down on the twin bed and meditate. I often took the recorder with me while I did meditations so I could write down the results afterwards.

On this particular morning I awoke refreshed and wide awake so I figured this would be a perfect time to record a session. Many times I drift off while doing meditations but this morning I felt would be different.

I laid on the bed and placed the recorder on my chest so it would be easier to hear my voice while transcribing. Often I’ll drift into a state where my voice is very low and hard to hear when playing it back, so I thought this method might prove to be more beneficial.

Even though I was refreshed and awake, I easily was drifting off. On the recording I hear my voice saying my normal meditational prayer, “Thank you Mother Earth and Father Universe for allowing me to have another day to do your bidding to the best of my ability, and thank you for the help and necessary energies to get the job done”.

Then I hear my breathing begin to slow as I drift into sleep, slower and slower. Suddenly a harsh breathing takes over my slow breathing, the harsh breathing isn’t coming from me though, it is a second breath that is drowning out my breathing. I am not alone. I fell asleep alone on the bed and now someone or something else was over me breathing a foul, guttural sound.

No words were uttered, just a low growl and heavy breathing. I wasn’t awaken by the breathing which makes it even scarier that that thing was around me for several minutes and I had no idea. This experience was only a week or two before the shadowy figure attacked me in my bed, and grabbed me by the throat (story in the last blog).

I had seen the shadow figure before when I was home sick from high school with strep throat. I was standing at the kitchen sink in the middle of the day gargling with warm salt water when I felt someone or something behind me. I turned, and standing in the doorway of the kitchen was a tall black figure. It made no move toward me, though I did feel threatened by it, and very afraid.

I stood in shock at what I was witnessing and not sure what to do. I was afraid to reach for the phone on the wall to call my mom because the phone was next to where the shadow was standing. So I stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity before the shadow figure moved down the hall toward my bedroom.

I walked to the doorway of the kitchen and glanced around the corner toward my bedroom and saw nothing. So I walked down the hall toward my room half expecting to see the shadow figure standing there waiting for me, but when I looked in, the room was empty.

Now panic had set in, I ran back to the kitchen, picked up the receiver and called my mother immediately. Of course there was nothing she could do, being at work and the fact we are dealing with things beyond our control, but at least she listened and helped me calm down.

That was my second experience with the shadow figure, we’ll explore the first and the third in another blog.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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