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The other evening while working on my third book, I turned the TV on for background noise, and the channel that was on from the night before was PBS public broadcasting. The program I stumbled into the middle of was Rick Steve’s Europe, a show that uncovers interesting and educational landmarks, as well historical sites, tourist attractions, and more.

Not paying any real attention to the program, I continued my writing and was jolted from my thoughts by the mention of Memling’s 15th century oil painting of St John’s Altarpiece depicting God sitting in a rainbow bubble.

It was the mention of the rainbow bubble that caught my ear, and as I looked at the television, I noticed God was in a double rainbow bubble. A large rainbow bubble encompassing God sitting on His thrown within a smaller rainbow bubble. A double rainbow bubble, which also happens to be the title of my first children’s book, Double Rainbow Bubbles.

My initial reaction was, WOW! Then suddenly a warm feeling began to swell inside me, like someone was hugging me from within. The warm feeling traveled throughout my body and I became aware that the Universal Love of God had taken over my body. The feeling was so beautiful, I began to cry.

I had experienced this feeling once before, very early one morning before the sun had even come up. Sitting at a table next to a canal, I would do my morning meditation and gratitude prayers. On this particular morning though, the sky was black velvet, nothing to see but thousands of twinkling stars in the Heavens, and I felt so grateful. It was then that the feeling of gratitude took over, and filled my entire body, as I began to cry from happiness.

It was more like a loving force, of warm, comforting, loving energy that swelled within me. Even that description doesn’t give the feeling the credence it deserves. I am a writer, my job is to put words together, but even I can’t put my finger on this one, at least not yet.

Desperately I seek to find any words that will come close to describing the experience I felt. There are no words in the English, or any other language I’m sure, to describe this beautiful encounter or they would have been spoken by now. A Universal Loving feeling can only be felt, it cannot be described.

Sitting in my chair basking in the loving, warmth, and peaceful feeling that filled my body, a message from my guides came through, “Be prepared”, was all I received. “Be prepared for what?” I asked out loud. Nothing came back to me. So I was left wondering if I was to prepare for the children’s book sales to take off, or for the apocalypse, which is what the rainbow portion of the painting is about, God releasing the apocalypse on the world once again.

The warm fuzzy feeling started to fade as my mind began working overtime trying to decipher the experience I had just experienced. Again, I struggle to find the words, but am left with only my own curiosities.

For instance, why did God release Noah’s flood on the Earth, when the Earth, His own creation, had done nothing wrong? Is it not because of man’s own misbehavior that the Creator released His fury upon mankind? Kicking Adam and Eve out of Eden, then the flood, will man ever learn his lessons? Some psychics, mystics, religions, and others believe we are here for that very reason. To live out our lives on planet Earth so we may grow, and learn to become the nurturing stewards of the land that God created for us all.

What drives the human race to go against the needs that God expects from us all, free will? Why does man think he is above everything else in nature, when he is clearly not at the top of the food chain? Where Do Humans Really Rank on the Food Chain? | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

How many more times will man butt heads with God before God releases another apocalypse? The second coming of Christ is foretold in the Bible, along with another apocalypse. Hopefully though when the next apocalypse comes, all of nature’s living beauty will remain, and only those who are the true stewards of the Earth, the meek, shall inherit and know the Father’s truest love.

For I have heard it is said, that planet Earth would survive just fine, even thrive without humans, but would die without ants. Can Earth Survive? | Live Science

Carpe Diem to the meek, to the ants, and to all of God’s creations

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