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Sunrises and Sunsets

When I was a fisherman long ago and would wake before the sun, if her first rays lit up the sky red, that was a bad sign. Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in the morning, sailors warning. Though I haven't fished professionally in two decades, that old saying comes back to me every time I see a red sunset or a red sunrise.

In those days while I was a mate, I lived on our charter boat with my Captain husband. One sunrise I will never forget, we took our chartered 38ft Hatteras through Hillsboro Inlet in South Florida on a half day fishing trip. The moment we were just off shore three dolphins started jumping and spinning in mid-air as the sun broke the ocean's surface. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it wasn't a particularly colorful sunrise, mostly bright yellow and some orange as the dolphins played and frolic without a care in the world.

What made this sunrise so special was how the dolphins seemed to be showing off for us. As I was busy trying to put out baits while my husband trolled along the reef I couldn't keep my eyes off the show happening right in front of our faces.

One lady in the group actually asked me if the dolphins had escaped from Sea World., she was also amazed at the show they were performing. I said to her, "They do this naturally. They are honoring the birth of a new day, a beautiful sunrise, and maybe poking a little fun at us at the same time." It was an awesome site to see and one I've never seen reproduced in all my years at sea. Only at Sea World when I was a kid.

I'm sure each of us has a story to tell about a wonderful sunrise or sunset experience. These calm, happy memories can shatter the stress of the day, if you just have faith that reliving those experiences whenever you need a pick me up will pick you up.

None of us know where today's insanity is going to take us, but we can escape the torments of today's stress by believing in our own happy life experiences, especially those experiences that you've only experienced once.

We attract what we think, so be careful when you go into the mind. Happy memories are better than the stresses staring us in the face today. This remembering experiences should not come with guilt, doubt or shame. The memories are to make you happy, not make you more fearful. Watch the ego, it is tricky and will probably try to talk you into feeling an emotion you have no reason to feel today.

Today will be times gone by by tomorrow, so try not to bring shame or guilt with your memories of today. The past is the past, accept your part in it and don't let the ego darken your wonderful memories of times gone by.

Hang on to the happiness of all you have, it will be a wealth of strength as all things in this life now seem to be unravelling. As much bad news as there is out there, there are always good stories to find, and if you feel you can't find them, make them yourself by watching a sunrise or sunset. I don't know if the dolphins that have given me and the people on our charter that day are still alive, but anything is possible in this world.

Carpe Diem sunrise and sunset watchers and Godspeed dolphins, thank you for the lovely memories.

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