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One Collective Planet

Imagine if all humans from all countries worked together to solve the catastrophic issues that the human race faces? The Climate Crisis causing famine and water shortages, wealth inequality, divisiveness, war. Do you think we can survive as a species if we don’t work together?

None of us get out of this life alive. While we live out our Earthly experiences, we need bodies to experience those experiences. Though the body dies, the soul, or Christ Energy does not. So how do we make the best of the time we have? We work as a collective whole.

No one can predict the future but coming together with the singular goal of working together to solve the issues that plague humans, would not only help the chances of survival of the human race, but would also aide in the survival of a multitude of species about to become extinct in the future.

Humans would have to put their biases aside to recognize there are no differences between us. Except skin color, economics and beliefs. Do you believe humans can set those biases aside for the good of the whole?

Coming together not only helps humans and countless other species but look at the good humans could do for struggling species and struggling humans.

Believe it or not, Mother Earth, like our Creator Father Universe, loves us unconditionally, even as humans continue to harm Her with their behavior. She no more wants to see our destruction or extinction by our own hand any more than the Creator does.

So, is it time for humans to put their trust and lives, in the hands of those who know more than we do? Is it time to trust and work with indigenous people who understand how the planet works in harmony to create the world sustainable for us all? Or do we continue on our greedy path of taking what we want with no care or concern for whom or what may be destroyed in the process?

This is not hard. Everything is already in place. Technology, knowledge of what it takes to live in harmony with our surroundings. This includes other humans, and the desire by most people to work to fix the problems facing not only the human race, but all living species, including the planet. She is a living, breathing, feeling being, just like us.

The old saying; the one with the most toys wins, doesn’t apply anymore. The wealthy are capable of building the societies they wish to live in. Okay. What about the rest of us?

The wealthiest of humans could participate in helping with the serious issues we all face as a collective society, some even try, but others, not so much.

Imagine if the wealthy bought property for the protection of the Earth, instead of mining, logging, housing, and netting the oceans. What would planet Earth look like then? I might still have butterflies visiting my flowers, instead of an absence of them.

Working together for the greatest wellbeing for all living beings, I hope someday will be the goal of every person living on the planet.

Carpe Diem to us all!!! Wealthy and poor.

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