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Loving Thoughts from Above

I’ve written about centipede days before and this past week has been a centipede week. So for this week’s blog I’m going to jot down some advice, calming thoughts, and the helpful people that the guides, angels, totem animals, Mother Earth and Father Universe have added to my life to help me get through this week.

I found this channel quite interesting, made me think: “We have all lived with each other from both ends of the candles burning till we meet in the middle”.

Kind of a funny one here: “I’m a natural nurse I don’t work through the purse”.

I explain the channeling as, “I don’t write. They write, I just write down their words.”

“Detach from everything, expect nothing and what you need will come through patience”. I will need to refer to this one often.

“Do the best you can because the best is all you have”.

“No one should ever expect to be perfect. We are imperfect friends living amongst each other to lift each other up as we share this life on this planet”.

“When you don’t have expectations, you’ll never be disappointed”.

“Life is choices and the decisions made about those choices shapes life”. This advice came in handy in choosing to face the winds head on as opposed to burying my head in the sand.

When a mortality reminder showed up this week the guides were quick to remind me that death is only death of the body not the spirit. Also I am to remember all my loved ones, including my pets that have passed on because they are anxiously awaiting my return home.

“Lucky are the lucky who know they are a free spirit”.

“Always look for the little miracles amongst the chaos, they are there. They will help you navigate life in the moment”.

When doubt and fear drift into my thinking the guides remind me that I am protected as long as I give those thoughts over to them and I allow them to fill the hole left behind with healing. I have noticed when doing this specific type of energy work that it can leave me drained. I feel as if the tank is empty, that’s the best analogy I have. It’s not scary, nor is it painful, the opposite in fact; there is a comfort in knowing there is help from beyond this world to help us navigate living in this world.

When the happenings on Earth bring me down, I close my eyes and imagine living on a perfect Earth just three feet above me on the fourth dimension where all sentient beings live in harmony. And yesterday while on a bird walk, I met a retired nurse whose passion in her retirement years is to help caregivers of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. So now when people ask me who will look after me, I will say, “God”. He brought me the perfect person at the perfect time and all I had to do was show up for life.

I hope these little tid bits of channeling can be helpful for someone out there.

Carpe Diem to all searchers of truth, believers in faith, and finding miracles amongst the chaos.

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