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Looking For Happiness

I have heard it said, “Every day is a miracle”. So if every day is a miracle, is every hour “Happy Hour”? And if every hour is happy hour, then every moment is precious?

Every moment is precious because life happens in the moment. The past is gone. It cannot be changed, nor altered. The past can be remembered fondly, or the past can be full of forgiveness if you are lucky enough to forgive yourself and others. You change you, you change your life.

Many regret things they’ve done in the past, but regret doesn’t change the past. What’s done, is done. Dwelling on, feeling bad, or guilty about the past won’t change what is done. That only keeps people trapped in sadness and regret. But if you can find forgiveness for yourself and others that will change your heart, and that will change you

. The future is around the corner and not a place to live in the today. The future can be altered depending on your state of mind in this moment. I like to say we can’t predict the future, but we do have a stake in it.

Thinking positive thoughts and finding goodness where you think none should be, provides a positive path during your travels in this lifetime.

Good thoughts equal good intentions and good intentions equal good positive actions. Good positive actions lead to a healthy happy life. Life will always throw you curve balls, it depends on whether you swing batter batter swing or let the ball pass you by.

Many times it is the reaction to life that causes the unhappiness. Sometimes not trying to hit the curve ball is the right reaction, especially if you’re not the best at hitting curve balls. When life throws you a curve ball, you can let it go by, you can give it your best swing, or you can duck if it is heading toward your head.

The perception of life determines a person’s path. If you think life is cruel, and you look at life as cruel, then life will seem cruel because that is what you are expecting. If you only look and think of life as cruel, that your perception is and that is the energy you attract to your life.

The same goes for happiness. If you find happiness in your life unfolding around you, then the negative happenings in life can’t harm you, you’ll only have the happiness.

There will always be sad happenings in life, like the death of a loved one, but you don’t have to dwell on the sad parts, remember the good parts of the life you and your loved one shared, hold tight to those memories and allow the goodness from those memories to carry you through as a survivor.

Finding happiness within the insanity of life is a gift for us all to discover and explore.

Carpe Diem Happy Life Explorers

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