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Living in Life’s Positive Lane

The view I see now through these eyes may be my last. It can be hard to find gratitude in these troubling times. Climate Crisis, global inflation, food shortages, supply chains issues. All of these problems can give even the best of us PTSD, and I don’t want my last view through these eyes to be viewed through anger, hurt, or fear.

This breath I take could be my last, and I don’t want my last breath to be a gasp of fear, a struggle from pain, or anguish from hurt. I want to breathe in safe clean air with a smile on my face, before exhaling my last breath.

This could be my last thought. I work hard to keep thoughts positive. It takes practice to think positive happy thoughts all the time, and I don’t want my last thoughts to be fearful, or dreadful. I want to remember this life as a happy life, and knowing I did the best I could.

This could be my final action. I only hope that my final actions are good helpful actions, and actions I will be proud of. I do my best to never give up on my actions, thoughts, breaths and views. Stay in the positive lane I like to say.

I never give up on people or things that anger me. I remember anger is always anger directed at self in one way or another, and by living in the positive lane I help to raise the vibration of the people around me as well. Staying in the positive lane allows my physical vibration to rise above the negativity of the third dimension and into a state of self-healing.

When I get upset, or start thinking negative thoughts about anything in life, I tell myself out loud, “Rise above it and bring all that negativity with you. The old ways of doing things are disappearing, nothing is the same anymore, so I will change my life in a positive way every day by doing positive things.”

When I work hard, life works hard with me. I exercise, I focus my energies on positive thoughts and positive things. Doors open where you least expect them, so I try to keep a toe in the 3D world but keep the rest of me above the negativity of the 3D world.

As I age and the years pass through me, I notice how life humbles me by living in the body with the scars of my youth. Life is ageless. Life carries on with and without me. If the world stopped and let me off, no difference would be made to life. Life just is, and life just does.

Reminding myself moment by moment that this could be the last moment I may have. Have I done the best I can? Have I been the best person I can be to me and others? Have I been a hinder or have I been helpful during my lifetime journey? I know the answers to these questions, but I won’t really find out until my time here is done.

Carpe Diem positive lane travelers.

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