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Life’s Turns, Curves, Horrors, and Delights

When I think of life I see it as a day in the life of me. I don’t know how long I will be here or how it will end, I only have today. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn’t arrived so today is it.

I guess if you are a physic and you have the ability to see the future, then maybe you would know what your life has in store for you. But I have reads books by physics and they say they can’t see their own futures, only other peoples. A curse or a blessing I wonder? I mean, would you want to know your future?

Life is full of turns, curves, horrors and delights alike. How we handle life’s turns, curves, horrors and delights depends on how we want to write our book of life. And when life presents difficult challenges, how we handle those challenges is no different.

My whole life I’ve jumped into life with both feet. Following my heart from one crazy adventure to another until life put the health of a loved one at my feet, my late husband’s health. When life dishes that out to you, your life is no longer yours to follow your heart on adventures, instead your heart is needed elsewhere.

When I think about what life has put in my lap recently I realized that I have been handed a job that I am familiar with. And when I think like that it lightens my load as I know life is dealing me a deck of cards I’ve seen before.

When I realized I would be helping a loved one with cognitive issues I thought oh no not again, as I nursed my late husband for six years before he died. Then I thought, wait, life is giving me the opportunity to do something I have experience at, helping a loved one.

Though the illnesses may be different, the job isn’t. The job is to be alert, be aware, be patient, and above all, be loving. What more is required than that? And when I think of that, I think of how every day is a page in the book that is my life, and how every life can fill a book.

Dealing with what life has put in front of me reminds me of how I study birds. I think to myself, why am I reading about geese in a field guide when sparrows, robins, and other migrant birds fill the yard and feeders? In other words, I should only be dealing with what is in front of me, not filling my head with unneccesary information. When geese come to town, then studying them.

When you are experienced at something, then why shouldn’t life give you the curve balls you are used to? I don’t know if life works on that simplicity of a scale but I’m sure glad that I have the experience from my past to help me through this hurdle.

Although my carefree following my ageless heart around in this life may have slowed down at this point, my thrill for life and my love for life hasn’t faded a bit. Challenges will come, they always do, but I know my carefree, spirit driven heart will carrying me through life’s turns, curves, horrors, and delights.

Carpe Diem to those willing to take on life’s turns, curves, horrors and delights with integrity.

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