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Life’s River of Knowledge

The other day while doing normal daily chores, I noticed how easily I move from one chore to the next, even seeming to combine a couple of chores together to make me more efficient. I thought to myself, “Wow this is great!” Moving from one chore to another like a well-groomed athlete moving silkily through their sport.

Then I wondered why I was able to move with such ease from one project to another. The thought that I do these chores regularly came to me, but then another thought came to me about a river of knowledge that flows through us all. Are we able to tap into this river and flow with her knowledge and become more adapt at our daily lives while having the support of the Universe at our backs? I say, “Yes!”

When I swim through my day with the energy of the knowing river of life I see the balance between good and bad. Like I see the extreme weather events happening because we’ve pushed nature out of balance. That imbalance effects every living being around the world, but so does working together toward an amicable future for all living beings to bring nature back into balance for us all.

I wonder how serious people take their lives, or how serious they take the lives of other living beings, for all living beings deserve the same chance at life’s living energy. I have found taking my life as an adventure and not too seriously has helped me learn to cope with the norms that have been shattered around the world. Learning to flow with the knowledgeable river of life is a much preferred choice of living for me.

When I look at my life I see it as simple, boring, and uncomplicated, but I think of it like that because when something needs to be addressed, I address it and don’t let it rent stressful space in my head. This practice of taking care of business the minute the business needs to be addressed has uncomplicated my life. I still have struggles because life has a flip side of balance, but at least I am better equipped to handle life’s flip side when it rears its head.

When I feel small, childlike, or humbled, I know it is not my ever fearful ego who seems to have a stifling fear of success, but a reminder that I came into this world at breakneck speed and have spent the past decades trying to slow my roll.

Life is like a puzzle. Some pieces are easy puzzle pieces of life. But I have found when working a puzzle, it is better to do the hardest parts first. So when working the puzzle of life, I try to do a little easy part by being grateful for everything in my life every day, and I do a little of the hard part by being grateful for life’s growing challenges.

If I am to reincarnate back on planet Earth, I hope to come back as a neutral entity.

Carpe Diem surfers of the river of the knowledge of life.

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