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Life is School

Every moment we go through life, life teaches us about her challenges, learning lessons from those challenges, and passing the lessons learned from those challenges on to others.

The body will wear down over time, and will eventually wear out. But until the body returns to the Earth, we have all the time we need to learn as many of life’s lessons as possible.

Life’s lessons are learned in the moment, and moments rise and fall with the sun and the moon. When a lesson is falling, life can seem out of control, like after the death of a loved one, a pet, or the end of a relationship, for example. Everyone and everything around you can seem awkward, and upside down.

People around you may not seem to have the right words, or actions, but usually their hearts are in the right place. Life’s lessons can seem lonely, and unforgiving. That is why knowing you are never alone in life school is so important.

There are many different faiths and beliefs in the world, but the most important one, is the one that is important to you. If a faith, or a belief, resonates with you, allow yourself to give yourself freely to it, then watch it bloom.

Life is about choices, and if our past choices make up the people we are today, then the choices we make today, will shape the people will become tomorrow. So making good positive choices, should be the focus for all human beings, so they may become the best person they can be.

Life provides a way through its harshness with choices. And finding the way through life’s harshness through positive choices, is one of life’s challenging lessons.

One choice we have no control over, is our parents. It was not our choice for them to get together, or to bring us into this world, that was their choice. But now we are here, and as we grow, we begin to make our own choices.

As we get older we choose what we want to wear, how we wear our hair, the music we listen to, the activities we enjoy, and whom we choose to share those experiences with. Some friends may last a lifetime, others drift away.

It is in these simple choices when we are young that shape the adolescent, and adult we become. So when you look back at the choices in your life, and at the people in your life, maybe some of the choices you made might begin to make sense.

If you come from a family who likes to get together during holidays and weekends, and you grow up doing the same, is that a life lesson well learned? Or what about children raised around partying family members their whole life, and that child grows up continuing the family tradition, what can you expect?

As with all life lessons, there is no template. Life is life. It is forever changing, expanding, growing, and diverse. And those lucky enough to be a part of life, hopefully are also, changing, expanding, growing, and diverse.

Learning about life’s lessons, is to learn about life itself. The information available from life is immeasurable. And the only time humans are cut off from that information and knowledge is when their ego is in charge. When humans can’t see their own weaknesses and strengths in their friends, a neighbor, a simple bumble bee, butterfly, or the tallest tree in the forest, they are closed off from life.

We are all connected to each other. Turn us inside out and we are all the same. Turn many animals inside out and they too are very similar, if not almost identical to humans.

To get the most out of life’s difficult, funny, amazing, exciting, beautiful lessons, maybe humans can stop seeing the color of others, and begin seeing IN color for all things. We are the explorers of life school. And as explorers, it is our responsibility to other explorers, to pave a sustainable path by living by a positive example.

Fearlessness & Faith. If you are fearless in your choices, who knows where that will take you. But if you have faith in the fearless choices you have made, and those choices intertwine with the path set by Father Universe and Mother Earth, then you have their support and the sky is the limit.

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