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Life IS All Living Beings

When people ask if I have pets, I tell them I have my lucky number 13 of roommates. But is that true? Don’t I cohabitate with many more roommates?

Every living being shares air, water, food, land, and more on this living planet called Earth. If the planet wasn’t alive, nothing would be alive. So essentially, we live with billions of roommates, doing billions of different jobs at the same time. No wonder we have troubles.

Every single particle of air is a living being, providing life for all other living beings. There is a roommate you can’t live without.

Every single drop of water has a nucleus and is a living being. Providing thirst quenching and lifesaving hydration required, like air, for other living beings to exist. Whew, keep that roommate happy.

Different roommates live on different lands and share different foods, but they still rely on air and water needed by all roommates. Living beings need air and water for their existence, air and water doesn’t need living beings for theirs.

This reminds me of a candy bar commercial where a couple of young girls are asked questions about who they are. When the question is asked about sharing, at first the girls hesitate, then one girl hands the other girl a portion of her bar.

Integrity, impeccability, honesty, and truth all sound like the same word, and most roommates live within those qualities. But shouldn't all roommates be shared with roommates?

I am grateful for the days I have with my roommates. I know not all days are sunny and breezy, my roommates have taught me that. But they’ve also taught me that perception makes all the difference.

Cape Diem to all roommates sharing their best with all roommates.

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