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Keeping The Faith

Father Universe, Mother Earth, guardian angels, spirit guides, power and totem animals, or in other words, my spiritual family, all have my back, even when I don’t have my own back. Remembering they are there to help is a lifeline for me, and the more I practice working with them, the easier it becomes, and the more I understand this is my first step in keeping faith in myself.

For decades I lived an exciting life but wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin. The more I look back at the many different occupations, and adventures I’ve had over the years, it appears this was my own way of searching for who I am.

I find as long as I live my life through the truth that I understand to be my truth, this makes it is easier for me to be more comfortable in my own skin. The events occurring now around the world, may leave many feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, and the disruptive and disturbing times can put everyone on edge, but the disruption doesn’t have to overtake your life.

Being prepared for difficult times is always a good idea, and most people probably are prepared to an extent. Many people now live in areas where extreme weather events happen regularly, so most people are familiar with preparations for hurricanes, snowstorms, fires, floods, and the power outages and other inconveniences that frequently occur from these events.

So, what about being prepared by having faith in yourself and your spiritual family? Is keeping the faith part of your emergency plans as well? Being prepared for life’s many unexpected happenings can go a long way in helping to have faith in yourself. When you know you have done the very best you can, and there is nothing more to be done, then turn the rest over to God, and let Jesus do the driving.

At times like this, watching history in the making can be intoxicating, but watching too much can be detrimental. When you are in playful, relaxed mode, and enjoying what you are doing, that allows your spiritual family to come into your realm and help you with your daily activities.

Chores, work, and family can take on a whole new meaning when you take advantage of your spiritual family’s wiliness to help you. It is so wonderful to have extra help in times like these.

When I feel myself becoming fearful or anxious, I immediately recognize these feelings as ego, and I ask my guides for a hug. As the spiritual hug fills my body with warm feelings, the stressful feelings fade away and I am back to standing tall in my truth. Sometimes I have to do this several times a day, and in the beginning, I did it all the time.

Your spiritual family signed up for this assignment and you have a part to play, or you wouldn’t be here, and your spiritual family is the wind underneath your wings.

I never expected my spiritual family to change my life, the direction of my life, or my perspective on life, but they have, and I want to thank them for all their help up until this point.

I had to learn to let go and let God. I’ve learned with the help of friends and my spiritual family to let the swirling insanity take its course. When I’m in my peaceful spot, even the world insanity can’t touch the deep peace I sometimes carry inside. And when you’re plugged into your spiritual family, your internal peace can actually diffuse crazy situations, sometimes without even being a part of the insanity or speaking a word.

Finding faith in yourself comes from doing things that are important to you. Doing things that inspire you, being with people you love and enjoy, and doing the things you enjoy.

Don’t give up – call on those angels, that’s what they’re there for.

Carpe Diem spiritual family enthusiasts!

Keep the Faith!!!

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