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Imagine if Alexander Parkes, who developed the first man made plastic products, had a crystal ball and an opportunity to see what his invention would lead to. I wonder if he would have taken a different route. I’m sure he had no idea that his man-made plastic invention would soon end up in every living being and found in every part of the world. Had he known that, maybe he would have tried to make the plastic biodegradable.

Imagine if the people responsible for the first industrial revolution between 1760 and 1830 had a crystal ball and could have explored the damaging effects of burning coal. I wonder if it would have changed minds, especially if they knew then what we know now on the harmful effects this has caused the environment, people, plants, animals, and oceans.

Imagine if the people responsible for sunscreens, body lotions, make up, and other products we apply to our skin to keep us looking forever young, would have wondered what the chemicals in those products may do. The harmful effects to the skin, to the oceans, the animals that these products were tested on, and the planet herself.

The first car ever produced to carry people was a steam powered vehicle invented in 1769, the first electric vehicle was produced in Scotland in 1832, and in 1886 the first gas engine vehicle was produced by Carl Benz in Germany. Imagine what the planet would look like now if we had stuck with electric cars instead of using petroleum.

What would the world be like if people could see the colors of the world but were colored blind when it came to seeing colors in others.

When you are interacting with nature, your pets, your garden, your neighbors, you are raising your vibration by including their vibrations in your life. Imagine the musical genius of the Beach Boys, “Good, good, good, good vibrations”.

As long as I’m doing the right thing, I don’t expect bad things. Bad things will happen, that is life, but I don’t have to expect them, and as long as I am doing the next right thing, bad things will slip by and not hold me hostage.

I need strength in this new world. Everything has changed, and I must change too.

Carpe Diem Imaginers!!!

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