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I Write the Truth I See

When I first began writing to publish, I was scared how people might respond. Then I reminded myself fear is ego, and the fear faded. Having gained confidence in me, I’ve gained confidence in my writing. I remind myself of the agreement “Don’t take anything personally” from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements”, and I keep writing.

I write the truth I see. And the truth I see when a nation’s leader leads with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness, the powerful positive energies working behind the scenes helps the momentum for that leader to reach their goals.

When a leader and their goals are tied together with integrity to do what is right and best for their people, then the trust of the people will be theirs. That is leading by example through enlightenment.

The honor of learning from truthful integrity filled people from The Four Rivers Audubon Society, although they are not national leaders, their leadership examples bare no difference.

Their intention is to do the very best for the environment, and everything that benefits from a good environment, including humans. Every life is sacred, and every life deserves the chance to do what it was sent here to do.

Some lives are short lived, like the moth, butterfly, and other insects, while other lives are much longer, like the tortoise, whale, and some birds. All living beings are part of Creation, and Creation is meant to work in harmony with each other.

I do what I am guided to do, even if I don’t feel like doing it. If the “It” is the right thing to do, then I must follow through with the “It”. The same goes for words. If I say I’m going to do something, I do my best to follow through, no matter what difficulties may present. Words and actions matter.

When I back up my words with actions, the powerful positive energies working behind the scenes helps my momentum in doing the right thing, and often I have a great time doing "It".

When I follow through on my inner guidance, I understand the simple purpose I have, and the responsibility of keeping that purpose simple. My struggles come from the non-acceptance of what is happening in the moment. Accepting the simple truth in front of me, though not always pleasant, helps me maintain an insanity free existence.

Non-acceptance of the reality in front of me I’ve noticed stems from thoughts, actions, and memories that are from muscle memory of times gone by, or of training. Changing thoughts, actions, and memories from muscle memory takes time, practice, patience, and self-love. I can’t change myself into a better person if I don’t like myself.

If I struggle to get past an issue, I ask myself why I am struggling. Usually more often than not, it’s because I have to forgive myself for something I said or did, or I need to make an amends to someone else for something I may have said or done.

Learning not to take things personally has been a big help in allowing me to break through many barriers I was afraid to climb or dig a tunnel under. Having faith in my truth, and the truth in front of me, along with working with like-minded, impeccable people has also helped me continue this new adventure of writing my truth

Thank you to all of you who follow my ramblings week after week, and for having fun and faith in me, which has helped me in discovering myself. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating and fun group of knowledgeable people I bird with, please check up out our link below.

Carpe Diem fellow readers!!

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