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Happy Words for the Happy 4th

May the Fourth always be with you on the Fourth of July. Some folks say, “Happy 4th”, while others say, “Happy Birthday America”. I see the difference in the words, and I feel the difference the words stir in me.

The Fourth of July is more than just a once a year celebration. America is the living breathing embodiment of the people who love Her, who work for Her survival, and tirelessly keep American ideals alive and healthy.

Positive words flow easily with the flow of life, and the flow of life creates positive vibes with every positive word spoken, for everyone to share and pass on.

Some words make people unrecognizable. Especially when people learn not to fear words or take spoken words as a personal affront. I can only imagine where humans would be now if they weren’t afraid of themselves or the opinions of others and their words?

Some people let negative words roll off their back like a duck, while others absorb positive words like a sponge. Life is a duck, and life is a sponge. When I make my life out of happy words, I am living up to my Grandmother’s example.

She taught me to always speak gently, happily, and gratefully. That was the way she saw life through our hearts. The words that always left her mouth were gentle, happy, and grateful, and I know I can only live up to Her words.

Carpe Diem to all America's, and all she represents

Please God guide us to protect our American Republic and show us through working with others, how to help save the only planet we have.

Happy Birthday America!! Happy 4th!!!

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