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God’s Spark or Man’s Purgatory

Imagine if God said to man, “You can no longer live on the Earth. You are destroying my Creation!”

Do you think at that announcement man would stop destroying the habitats of the animal, plant, and insect worlds? I mean, why do we destroy their habitats anyway? Oh, that’s right, we do it for profits for box stores, fast food restaurants, houses, condos, malls, parking lots, and SO much more. What a shame man hasn't realized God has provided him with all he needs in the very nature he destroys.

Upon God's announcement do you think man would begin to be kinder to other humans?

I think we know the answers to these questions. Man won’t stop being a pariah until he gets what he thinks he deserves, which is what? “Everything!” I think would be the answer from the pariahs.

The God spark lives in all of us, and that makes us all a “Chip off the old block.” So, what happens when someone else decides to destroy the living body housing God’s spark?

What does God think when a soul he’s released on planet Earth has been snuffed out by a madman, a dictator, or a murderer, and the soul returns home to Him? Is He okay with that?

The Bible says the people who have had a hand in destroying God’s Creation will pay the ultimate price, they themselves will be destroyed. Which means what? The soul will return home to an unconditional loving God.

REVELATION 11:18 KJV "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged,..." (

Maybe what is happening right now around the world is a wakeup call for everyone to be reminded that we are here to honor the Creation God has given us all, not to take what we want and discard the rest.

The rapidly approaching difficult times ahead, should prove to everyone that the way of life we've been living isn't working. The planet, and all that live on Her, are in crisis. Everyone needs to try a little harder, and do a little better, not just for our own race, but for the survival of Mother Earth, and all of God’s Creations.

The selfishness and greed of the human race has lead us to the brink of World War III, China threatening Taiwan, North Korea threatening missiles, and the United States divided. Not to mention the ocean's currents, the Amazon rain forest, the world's glaciers, along with many of the living plants, animals and insects are on the brink. When will this insanity stop?

I don’t think any human wants to face the wrath of God again, but if something isn’t done, I’m afraid we'll all feel the hand of God, as predicted in Revelations.

Carpe Diem to the meek, purgatory to the pariahs.

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