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From the Heart

Updated: May 13, 2022

When people ask me to write for them, I write through and from my heart. That is where I always start, whether I am writing for me or someone else.

To write from and through my heart requires me to know who I am, and to know where I’ve been. I don’t know where I am going, so in every moment I strive to do my best, and knowing I’m doing my best, allows me to know I will be fine in the end.

I find peace in my life by accepting who I am. I accept the person I used to be, and I accept the person I’ve become. Example: I was born in the early sixties, so when I look in the mirror, the aging reflection looking back at me shouldn’t surprise, shock, or scare me, how else am I supposed to look?

Jesus walked on water because he didn’t have a backpack full of troubles or worries. He understood when you turn your life over to faith, and accept all there is for what it is, then love fills your heart and light fills your head.

When I allow myself to flow with life, instead of head-butting life, life is lighter, worries are less, and stresses are fewer. Sure, things are scary out there, but if you don’t live in the fear, you keep your head above the chaos. Nature is an expert at teaching us how to live above the craziness, so learning and allowing nature to teach you allows God’s love to flow through you. When you do your best, God takes care of the rest.

When you live where your heart is, for instance in my case, I am a Jimmy Buffett fan, I am a parrothead, and I can be a parrothead anywhere I go. It’s not what surrounds me that sets the tone, it’s the perception of what surrounds me, and my reaction to that perception that sets the tone.

I find when I give all my worries and troubles to God, good things happen to me. I don’t always know why I do the things I do, but I know if I am following my heart by allowing life to flow through me, and my intentions are true and honest, I have God’s approval.

Living with nature every day is living in the good graces of God’s love. Nature, animals, and insects don’t lie. Look around, nature shows you all you need to know about how you should be living.

Nature’s weather can be harsh, especially when affected by manmade climate crisis, but nature can also be soft, nurturing, and loving. Nature, like God, is never deceptive, she is always truthful, and willing to teach you honestly, if you are willing to learn.

Every day people get closer, and closer to the answers of life, because every day people get closer and closer to their physical deaths. So, I do my best to make the most of every day. We never know when God will recall nature, and I don’t want to be around for that.

Carpe Diem Nature Lovers!!!!!

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