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Energy Draculas'

When I first began studying spirituality, some comments made by other spiritualists, and the words I read in spiritual books, didn’t make much sense to me until I started living them.

The books I read, and the spiritual teachings I’ve studied, speak of the friends, acquaintances, and teachers that come and go, in and out of our lives. When you step back and look at the people that have been a part of your life over the years, you see how some acquaintances have become friends, and how some of those friends have become teachers.

We’ve all had acquaintances, friends, and teachers in our lives, and sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize the difference between them.

Some family and friends may drop out of your life, as your spiritual adventure continues. Some may not want you to grow spiritually, because you won’t be as big a part of their life. Some fear being left alone, and not having that familiar “friendly” voice to talk to or hang out with.

This can be especially true when dealing with people with addictions. What used to be fun, hanging out and partying for some, continues long into their adult lives, and they have a hard time letting go of what they know, and who they know. They want you to remain exactly where they’ve been for decades, because, who are they going to party with now?

This is one example of what I call an energy Dracula. There are many energy Draculas. But knowing who they are can be tricky. If you find yourself fatigued by spending time with a friend or family member, you have just been attacked by an energy Dracula.

If you allow the energy Draculas' to remain in your life, they can drain you of very important energy, and can leave you vulnerable to negative attacks. Limit time spent with people like this, you know who they are. Limit phone calls, limit time spent together, and if they get negative, bring it to their attention. They may not realize they are spewing negativity. Do your best to bring the subject back to a positive footing if possible.

When you begin standing on your own two feet and defending yourself in your own truth, some people may find this offensive, or even threatening. They may stop reaching out to you all together, but as it is with all things in life, when one friend, or family door closes, another opens, usually someone who is in better alignment with the path you are on. Someone more uplifting, and who brings positive, happiness to your life, not complaining, and negativity.

I think about the pain of not talking to some friends and family members that I used to be close with. But I know I can’t spend much time thinking about that because that will drag me down.

Spending too much time focusing on painful feelings of family and friends, doesn’t help with focusing on a positive attitude. It’s like any other deep wound, it takes time to heal, and give yourself all the love and self-care you require to recover from the painful experience. When a memory of them pops into your head, remember them as fondly as possible. Do your best, especially for yourself, to remember them in a happy positive light.

So where does the break in communication come from? In my case, I won’t know until someone breaks their silence and contacts me to tell me why they’ve made a conscious choice not to speak to me any more. Either way, without communication, there is nothing but brick walls, and who wants to live surrounded by brick walls. I don’t!!!

The family and friends that don’t talk to me anymore will continue on their life’s journey, as I will mine. I hope the lessons that I need to learn from them, I learn completely. But as for now, I received enough knowledge to know that it is time for me to move on, with, or without them. My door will always be open in case they decide to walk through sometime in the future.

No one wants to be left behind, but when paths no longer align, and it is no longer beneficial for both sides to continue their trek together, going their separate ways may be the answer. Look for those open doors, and accept the person walking through with open arms. You never know where this person may take you.

You can always hope your paths with your family and friends will cross again, but no one knows what the future holds, so don't hold on to those expectations, they too are a source of negativity. Staying in the moment, having faith in your spiritual family, and doing your best is all you can do.

Carpe Diem

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