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Earth’s Choice

Many religions speak of the opportunity to reincarnate after the life you are living here is done. I have read books from mystics, psychics, spiritual teachers talking about exit points in life, writing our own life chart before we are born, or even picking our own parents before we are born.

So if reincarnation is real, why wouldn’t the Earth have the same option? Imagine if she has chosen to be destroyed by the human race? What if the other living beings that share this beautiful one of a kind planet with us, decided to become extinct by the human race as well? Are they working in unison against us?

Planet Earth is a living breathing entity just as all living breathing beings are. The difference is all living beings need the Earth for survival, while she doesn’t need us for hers. And like all living beings she has a soul. She as a consciousness, She feels. She is a part of God’s plan, just as we all are.

So if all living entities can reincarnate from one life form to another, why not the Earth? She’s been around for millions of years and look at all she’s been through while she’s been growing up?

It took her millions of very uncomfortable years to get to the point where she is exquisite to the point that can our words truly do her justice? And look at the variety of beautiful living beings that have formed over her millions of years, and have life because of her.

Some beings have lived together in harmony, while others couldn’t. I wonder if she wants to see every living being living in harmony before her beauty is gone. After all she is our Mother, she only wants the best for us all.

The one thing I know about life is I have no control over it. I only have control over myself and the choices I make. I am part of God’s plan too, so I chose to work to the best of my ability with the Earth and all she provides. Because if she has chosen a life path to allow the human race to destroy her, I want to be one of the meek that Jesus talks about in the Bible.

I’m okay with me. I feel pretty confident God and Mother Earth are okay with me as well. So maybe I’ll be one of the lucky meek and have a beautiful pristine planet Earth to reincarnate back to after my life path has been walked.

Carpe Diem Meek!!

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