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"Do You Make Money Doing This?"

Last week while channeling a writing project, I missed a call from a friend. Channeling is how most of my writing projects begin. First I receive messages from guides, angels, other beings of light, including trees and animals, and any other energy that chooses to come through. When I begin receiving messages, I need to write them down immediately or I will forget them, hence not answering my friend’s call. Channeling Definition & Meaning |,

After several hours of working, I listened to my friend’s voicemail, and called her back, only to get her voicemail. I left a message saying the channeling had wiped me out, and I was done for the day. A couple of hours after leaving her my voicemail, I received a text from my friend asking me, “Do you make money doing this?”

Her question got me thinking. And after watching a hummingbird interact with my kitten through a screened window, I realized this is how I am paid. I don’t receive much money for the channeling and writing, at least not yet, but I do receive wonder, awe, enjoyment, love, happiness, knowledge, freedom, and the ability to share it all with you.

Landscapes, animals, trees, glaciers, and much more, are disappearing at alarming rates. So paying attention to, “ALL” things in life, like nature, stress, channeling, balance, commitments, just to name a few, is important. When you appreciate "ALL" sides of nature, and understand that even though things seem to be out of balance, really, "ALL" is as it should BE, or it wouldn’t BE as it is. Accepting the moment for its truth, takes away the fear of the ugliness of the reality of the 3D world.

Animals move from one past moment to the present moment, relying on their "natural instincts" for survival, and not worrying about the past or the future. To me that is channeling. Humans are also animals. However humans have a constant chatter of ego blowing up their minds and keeping them from relying on their "gut instinct", or "I have a feeling", moment to enjoy life's adventures.

There are several different ways of channeling, and it is best to get to know the differences. You can channel, anger, spirit guides, jealousy, guardian angels, heartache, past loved ones, stress, even beloved pets. If you want to explore channeling more, there are loads of sites you can go to on the web, but I think it’s best to get to know yourself first, and your own channeling abilities by experimenting with them.

What I do upon waking is ask Father Universe and Mother Earth to wrap me in their loving, healing, protective white light, not just once, but twice. It never hurts to get an extra layer of protection for good measure in these current times. Then I ask to receive the energies of the Four Directions, above, below, and with, including all power and totem animals energies, to help me through the day.

Second, I pay attention to the first thought, idea, image, person, word, or name that pops into my head. These channeled thoughts come and go throughout the day, so giving them the attention they deserve completes your channeling. Not turning away from the first thought, but instead living life based on the first thought is channeling. Living a channeled life, is living a life well lived. And visualizing yourself as a good example, by setting a good example by following through with what you say, are great ways of channeling positive energy.

As I discuss in my first book, Tell Your Ego Stop It! Start Living Consciously. The ego is in charge of your thinking when you channel negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, or guilt. Notice the endless loop of negative, emotional thoughts or speak, and ask for protection NOW. You want to break the constant loop of ego chatter, by asking for protection and help. As I write in my latest children’s book, Double Rainbow Bubble, (due out next week), you can wrap yourself in a double rainbow bubble, or white light, and then ask for protection.

When channeling a spirit guide, or a beloved pet, the feelings should always be happy, and joyful. If they are not, you are not channeling a soul of the Divine. If you feel you have tapped into a negative spirit, wrap yourself in white light, or a double rainbow bubble, and ask for protection immediately. Channeling should be helpful and positive, not negative or hurtful.

Back to my friends comment, "Do you make money doing this?" I don't write seeking fame or fortune. I write what I channel because that is what my spiritual family has asked me to do. Writing for fame or fortune would be working for the ego, not my spiritual family. The smart avenue for me to take, is to allow my spiritual family to guide me through the moments of my day, writing them down as I go. Having faith in knowing that if I truly need something, like fame or fortune, I will receive it. But until I need it, why stress it?

Carpe Diem

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