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I have written many times about life and life’s curves balls and once again I spent a week dodging, ducking, bobbing, weaving, swinging, and in some cases catching them.

Each time life throws curves balls and I don’t freak out over them but instead take them head on and begin to find solutions, I learn more and more each time I do. It is said God will never give me more than I can handle and with the difficult curve balls life has been throwing lately, I also know that I am prepared for those curve balls or else they wouldn’t be being thrown at me.

When life throws curve balls, fast balls, or no balls, I do my best to make it a learning experience. I am aware that every thought produces a manifestation when intention and attention are applied to that thought, so once again when life starts pitching I have to remember to pay attention to my thoughts. I have to remember not to listen to any negative thoughts because I don’t want to attract negative energy to myself.

When life started pitching last week with little inconveniences like the printer not wanting to print, to a broken office window, to losing water and the well and pump people couldn’t tell me what was wrong. I had to remain in a lane of constant reminder to detach from the insanity and realize that life was testing me and everything will work out just fine, and so far it has, for now.

I was reminded of this today at Tai Chi class when a turtle appeared to be laying eggs in the sandy dirt under an oak tree in the parking lot. The turtle looked comfortable enough but the spot where she was hanging out was where many people park their cars and with her color blending in with the dirt and sand the whole class was afraid she would be run over. Then the crows flew in and began surrounding her.

Detach I thought, what can I do to keep the crows from flying off with her eggs as she lays them? Then a class member went to her truck, pulled out a blanket and covered the rear end of the turtle in hopes to keep the crows away. Naturally a big wind blew up, almost knocked the computer monitor off the table, and of course blew the blanket away from the turtle. Fortunately the blanket was pushed up behind her and it looked like a wall so we hoped that would help deter the crows.

After class broke up and everyone was leaving, my friend who had provided the blanket, and I went to check to see if she had laid any eggs and she had not, so we moved her a safe distance from the parking lot toward a pond with sandy soil in case she was getting close to laying.

So by detaching from the thought of crows flying off with eggs and doing something to help the little turtle, although many times the advice I follow is don’t interfere, this time my friend and I believe we were helpful. We will never know, and again I can detach and hope for the best for her whenever she enters my thoughts.

I like to think life doesn’t end in death. Of course death of the body means the death of the body, but the death of the body releases the soul. And by releasing the soul, the death of the body has sent the soul on to its next evolution. And let’s face it, everyone has to eat, so maybe that is why turtles lay as many eggs as they do, even laying them in multiple holes in hopes some will survive. But does the mother even think about those baby turtles after she’s buried their eggs in the sand? Hasn’t she already done her part? Does she care if her eggs help to feed other animals?

So Carpe Diem to my little turtle friend, to my friend who helped with the turtle and to everyone who loves this beautiful planet. Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

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