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David, Goliath, or Both?

During this earthly visit I have often wondered whether it is better to be a Goliath, a David, or both. The more spiritual studies I do, whether I am reading the Urantia or other spiritual books, I believe it is better to be a David than a Goliath, besides when I hear Goliath spoken I think of Corporations not the little person.

I’ve also come to think that maybe the secret to a happy life is like the secret to enjoying a great dinner, slow down and savor every bite. When I am like a David and slow down to do my best to watch life unfold as opposed to forcing life to be the way I want life to be, like a Goliath, I have much more peace of mind.

My head doesn’t swim with the thoughts of what is happening next, or what is around the corner, and other thoughts of the future, or guilty feelings from the past that bring with them nothing but stress. Somehow I have managed to find enough comfort in my thoughts that my doctor is happily surprised that my blood pressure has finally come back down to Earth.

It seems we all have our David and Goliath moments. At times we need to be forceful when we are standing up for what we feel is right, or speaking up for someone or something that may not have a voice of their own, like children and animals.

Finding the balance between being a David or a Goliath I feel is also a life secret. All of life is based on balance and so are our bodies. For the body to remain healthy it needs a healthy balance of good nutrition, proper rest, and exercise.

When an imbalance occurs in the body, the body can begin to breakdown, similar to parts breaking down in a machine. The earlier you catch the problem with a machine or the human body the better for both. You never know, you may find yourself in a situation in life where you have to be a Goliath, just hopefully in David’s clothing.

Every day I strive to do my best. Can I do better, probably, but at least I know I tried/strived/to do my best during every waking moment. Life sometimes feels like I fight one battle to defend another, or to fight one battle that just leads me to another.

Sometimes life’s battles never seem to end. But there is a peace in knowing a little bit about what the future may hold, even if that future is uncertain and scary. It appears my future holds in its hands that I should be caring for a family member with possible Dementia.

Losing myself in learning about the disease has taken away any worries about my own life. I imagine my worries floating on leaves down the river of life, and when the leaves hit the ocean that is my realization that I have learned enough of life’s lessons to be qualified to handle the job life has put in front of me. A David versus a Goliath.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t need to call on life’s lesson for a possible horrible diagnosis of dementia in my loved one. It is comforting to know they are there and I am not alone, for so many people suffer from these horrible diseases that steal their precious memories.

Carpe Diem David’s overcoming Goliaths in the best way you know how.

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