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A Single Journey of Self-Realization

As I continue my journey of self-discovery, I am finding out such neat things about the soul that inhabits this body. Most of my self-realization has come while reading spiritual books from Eckhart Tolle, Native American Totem animal books, the Bible, Course in Miracles, Arthur Ferdig, The Urantia, and many more over the years.

In one way or another, maybe through osmosis, I have soaked up the spiritual knowledge in these books and have successfully applied them to become more of a watcher of who I am, not a victim of who I am.

Eckhart Tolle talks about the rising human consciousness in his book, A New Earth. In this book Tolle talks of how you are more than just a physical form, how you can become the watcher of life instead of a victim of life.

For example: I was born with a deformed spine, and although I went four decades before my spinal issues where diagnosed, I had a relatively normal life, mixed in with some back pain. So as I’ve grown into accepting my spinal deterioration, because there isn’t much that can be done at this time, I have become the watcher of my spine, not my spine. My spine does not define who I am.

I could go around and say to people, “Hi I’m S.Rae. I have a chronic spinal condition and pain is part of my daily life”. But I don’t do that. I don’t want the deformed spine to deform my spirit, for my spirit has no spine or form. When I can be the watcher of my pain, my pain recedes. This is more difficult with acute injury pain and sometimes an ice pack or heating pad is what I need, but those needs are for the body, not for my spirit.

When I receive a message from someone who has passed on, such as I did for a friend a few weeks ago, I am reminded of the Medicine Card book by Sams and Carson. When I was young my mother had my totem animal cards read and she kept the list of the animals never telling me until a couple of years ago when she came across the list while cleaning out some old boxes.

Needless to say I was thrilled to receive the list but didn’t know anything about the totem animals, so I bought my own set of totem animal cards and the book. One of my totems, my above totem animal, is the Lynx, and the Lynx is the knower of secrets and Lynx medicine is a very special type of clairvoyance.

So when I received a clairvoyant message for a friend from one of her recently deceased friends, imagine my surprise when her deceased friend told me many more will choose to follow him and ride the green comet to heaven, and I woke the next day to read about the Turkey and Syrian earthquakes.

I don’t need a lot of proof that there are forces working behind the scenes to help humans. All humans have this capability of clairvoyance if they’d only listen. Many messages come through the plant and animal worlds that we have lost our connection with.

I saw an article in Popular Mechanics yesterday about how the alien races, spacemen if you will, are turning off our nuclear warheads. Makes perfect sense to me, especially if a detonated nuclear warhead could affect the dimensions and universes the alien beings live in.

It seems every day on Earth we walk on egg shells of some crisis about to happen, and with good reason, just the climate crisis alone should scare the crap out of everyone. But it is comforting to know that the more work I do toward self-realization and self-improvement, the closer I feel to the energies that can’t be seen.

I enjoy the clairvoyance now, I didn’t for quite a while, and it can be intimidating at times and even makes the body feel uncomfortable. But are the forces that won’t allow a nuclear warhead to arm, the same forces and loving energies that keep us all held in love and light?

Could it be that little green men may be our savior from destruction, or will the loving energies of God and His army of angels protect us all?

Carpe Diem to those self-improving searchers and believers in His love and light.

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