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Imagine if the collective human consciousness grew to where it learned from its mistakes. If Eve hadn’t eaten from the tree of life would humans be living in Eden right now? Was Eden a real place or is Eden a special place hidden in the God spark all humans have in their hearts? I like the thought that God and Eden are so close.

Imagine if humans would have learned from World War I, would there have been a World War II? Is World War III on the horizon? When you think why wars start it usually is because of some ruler’s ego wanting to regain lost territory, political assassinations, or in the case of the Trojan War, a woman, etc.

Egos can be very bad actors when they are allowed to run amok. Unexpected happenings take us out of our comfort zones, and that can be a good thing unless there is a person in charge that’s trigger happy. The collective unconsciousness of the insane human mind, the ego.

So how do we recondition the insane human ego? I do my best not to give mine oxygen. I try not to give it attention and don’t allow it to make decisions for me. I have found this to be a smarter way of reacting to situations instead of having a knee jerk reaction like I used to. Now I do my best to delay my responses so the Universe has a chance to catch up and give me a helping hand. I have been trying to exhibit patience in everything I do that I can be patient with.

Naturally life throws us all curve balls and sometimes we need to react immediately not having the chance to be patient, but then we all have our gut feelings that we can fall back on. When something doesn’t feel quite right to me it feels like I have an icy monkey on my back and I shiver. That is all I need to know to know that I need to remove myself from a situation or conversation.

Remaining stuck in a certain way of thinking can be challenging to change, but not impossible, in fact it is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. All that is required to recondition the ego and stop having knee jerk reactions is notice your every thought. Keep a close eye on what the ego is saying in your thoughts and then see if you really agree with the ego’s assessment.

It is said our souls move on after death carrying with it the knowledge that we have learned here on earth along with the love we feel. But I wonder if hatred is left here to be picked up by unsuspecting, unconscious souls continuing the affliction of the human insanity.

When we stand in our truth, which is the God spark in our hearts, and have faith in ourselves, then we don’t need to pick sides or have favorites. As long as we are open to everything, anything is possible and being grateful for what we do have, even if it’s not what we had wished or hoped for, goodness can be found in the most curious of places.

I’ve seen this personally happen, when someone falls in love with themselves it is at that point they seem to lose themselves. Identifing themselves with their ego personalities separates them from their true identity, their spirit identity. People are not other people’s opinions, people are their truth that lives in the God spark of their heart.

Many spiritual teachers I have worked with and have read said everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be exactly when they are supposed to be there. I guess that means we are living in the illusion created by the collective unconsciousness of humans, and we are living with the insanity of the unconscious human ego. No wonder things have gone awry and history keeps repeating itself.

We don’t have to live there though, each of us has the ability to shut the ego’s ideas down and we can listen to the little voice of reason from our God spark within. We can all be like rainbow bubble entities floating thru time and space and never wondering why, just doing the next right thing according to God.

Carpe Diem ego reconditioners and truth seekers.

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