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When I heard yesterday about Queen Elizabeth’s death, I like many others around the world were saddened by the news. I know none of us get out of this life alive in these bodies that house our souls. But it is still sad when someone you have known about and admired your whole life leaves this material life to go back to their soul’s spiritual home.

About an hour after hearing of the Queen’s death my oldest ferret Sarge had a seizure and died, he was seven years old, and like the Queen’s advanced age, seven is old for a ferret. I went from saddened to heartbroken yesterday afternoon and even this morning while feeding my other ferrets I kept calling them Sarge, so I know who is weighing heavy on my heart today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Queen and how she handled herself with dignity, honor, and integrity only to name of few of her many gracious qualities. I started thinking how every day she was Queen, her life was not her own. It seems the only time she had to herself was when she was sleeping, riding, or walking. Can you imagine that?

I can. After Sarge died I started thinking about my own duties to my family, my pets, the property, my writings, and to keeping my own body in good shape. All these are duties that most, if not all of us perform every day, except in situations of illness or injury.

Every day chores need to be done, exercises need to be done, feeding and caring for family members and pets needs to be done, and the list goes on. So are we all a little like Queen Elizabeth?

I like to think we are. We may not have people to cook for us, clean for us, mow the yard for us, look after the pets for us, but in us doing those things for ourselves we are very much like the Queen. We are performing our daily duties, and our pets, our family, our yard, and our bodies appreciate all we do, even if they can’t, or don’t say thank you.

A well kept body is a way of saying thank you, just as are happy pets and happy family members. The birds, bees and butterflies love it when we keep the bird feeders full, plant butterfly plants and allow sections in the yard to grow naturally. When a section of the yard, no matter how small, is carved out just for them, then nature rejoices in that corner of the yard they can call their own. Anything is better than nothing and that is doing our duty to Mother Nature.

So today, the day after Queen Elizabeth II and Sarge have died, I can only think of what an escort Sarge has returning home with the Queen. Godspeed you two with all my love, and it was my honor Sarge to be your dutiful mom. I will always miss you until I return home when we will be reunited and I can finally meet the Queen.

Carpe Diem Integrity, Grace, and Duty seekers.

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