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Please Remember Me For How I Lived

Everyone around the world has suffered some kind of loss with remembering those who’ve died from Covid, 9/11, the Afghanistan war, all the other wars, addictions, and suicides. But remembering them for how they conducted themselves during their lives, and the lives they've touched, and changed, can help us change our own lives.

With so much being said about the anniversary of 9/11 (From memory to history: How America will remember Sept. 11 on 20th anniversary ( and the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan ( 13 U.S. Service Members Died In An Afghanistan Attack. What We Know About Them : NPR ) you look at how well they lived their lives. When I heard about the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan, I was working a jigsaw puzzle and cried. I cried because they gave their lives for me to have the freedom to work a stupid puzzle. I have never not known freedom, thanks to the volunteers of our military, and the veterans that came before them.

Like millions of families across America, we have veterans in our family that served in the Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, WW2, and WW1. Their service and sacrifice provides the freedom for us all to live the best lives we can. Living a good life, helping others, and being a part of your community, is the best way to honor their service and sacrifice. The American Military, and her Allies, face the fighting, so we can live in the peaceful space needed to live a good, wholesome life.

Providing a peaceful place to live a wholesome life, takes more than the military’s help though. Living through your heart, by living through healthy, positive emotions, and healthy, positive thoughts, helps to create that peaceful space we all hope for, and work toward. When a person lives their life through gratitude, love for others (not a narcissistic love of self), helpfulness, integrity, and faith, just to name a few, that person is mimicking the service members of our military.

I’m reminded of how the Earth’s magnetic field spiked after the first plane flew into the tower on 9/11. The collective consciousness of empathy that poured from the hearts of the people around the world, literally spiked the Earth’s magnetic field. That is how powerful people are. People can change their lives, the world they live in, and the lives of others, by living through their hearts, being empathic to their fellow man/woman, and thinking positive thoughts.

If mere humans can change the magnetic field of the Earth, imagine what would happen if everyone prayed every day for their military and each other? What a boost that would be to helping our planet heal, and hopefully getting along better with others. GREGG BRADEN - Worlds magnetic field changed immediately after 9/11 - YouTube

Morning prayer: Thank you Mother and Father for allowing me to wake up happy and healthy (say it even if you don’t mean it, and you’ll begin to see positive changes in your life), please allow me to work with the energies of my guides, angels, power and totem animals, so I may do my best for you, and others today. Please provide protection, and goodness, for our military and allies, and everyone around the world. A simple, easy prayer that takes less than 20 seconds to say, but could change the lives of many, including your own.

When your intention (Intention | Definition of Intention by Merriam-Webster), is aligned with your heart, and positive thoughts, love ripples out from your heart, changing the world you live in, and helping others change theirs. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Carpe Diem

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