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Life is a Life Sentence

When you think about life as a whole, the only thing guaranteed in life, is death. Nothing gets out alive. Not plants, animals, insects, or humans.

All creation on planet Earth has a shelf life. And the bodily forms we inhabit are the spacesuits needed to survive our stay while our souls visit, and learn lessons here on planet Earth.

This is why the choices we make during these lifetimes are so important. Residing in a spacesuit with a limited time duration, means making sure the suit is well cared for, and maintained properly for maximum usage.

People are not their spacesuits. They may think they are, but they are not. When a doctor gives someone an upsetting diagnosis, sometimes that person takes on the diagnosis believing that is who they are. Example: “Hi, I’m S. Rae, I have cancer.” The spacesuit has cancer, S. Rae does not.

In some cases the person actually hurts their chances of overcoming the disease, by remaining mentally attached to it. This can impede the chance of helping doctors heal the disease. By remaining outside the spacesuit, and being the observer of the disease, you become a force to help heal the disease.

Every adverse choice, such as drug use, excessive drinking, poor diet, high stress lifestyle, to name a few of the biggies, takes precious time away from the shelf life of the suit. Genetics come into play too. In most cases, the spacesuit can take a certain amount of abuse before showing signs of breaking down, but other suits aren’t so lucky.

Even in the animal world, self-destructive behaviors can be found. But there seems to be an explanation for their actions. Humans on the other hand have many pathways to overcome their destructive behavior, and it is up to each human being to care for its own spacesuit, and its soul.

In the plant world, we don’t see trees lighting themselves on fire to start a forest fire. And in the finned world, we don’t see dolphins voluntarily swimming into a bay in Japan to commit suicide at the annual Taiji dolphin hunt.,Taiji%20has%20a%20long%20connection%20to%20Japanese%20whaling.

So let’s imagine for a moment, that our trip to planet Earth was preplanned before our souls were born into their spacesuits. To think that our lives could actually be calculated, plotted, and planned from birth to death, prior to being born, puts a spin on things.

If we truly planned all this prior to birth, then why do so many act out so badly toward their own spacesuits? Unless it’s because there is a never ending supply of lifetimes to explore on planet Earth, as long as planet Earth is capable of supporting life.

Maybe there is an endless supply of spacesuits, as long as the Earth is capable of making them. They say we come from the stars, and the Earth, and to the Earth the spacesuits return when they wear out, and to the stars our souls return when the spacesuit ceases to exist.

Someone actually told me they had once been a drop of salt water in the vast ocean in a previous life. Who am I to question the workings of the Universe? How does a drop of salt water cease to exist anyway? Maybe when it is washed up on shore, and is no longer a drop of water, or it is swallowed by a fish, and now becomes fish waste, or it is evaporated. Either way, planet Earth constantly surprises with wonders, even when she is under attack by the very stewards who are here to tend to her.

If this is all preplanned, then everything happening is happening exactly as it’s supposed to. And if that is true, then resisting what is happening is futile. Accepting what is happening is the only way through.

The illusion of life is nothing more than the conglomeration of the manifestations of people’s thoughts, and therefore subject to change depending on those thoughts. With our common denominator being death, I would think accepting the illusion of life would be of the utmost importance if you want a happy life.

However, the ego wants nothing to do with accepting the illusions of life. The ego creates its own little world, and would rather run amok in its own little, closed in world, than work together with the collective whole of humanity toward a better way. This is why humans, and all of creation are in such big trouble on planet Earth. Egos have been the dominating ruling factor for centuries, which now has placed us in a showdown with the planet herself.

When I began my own journey of self-discovery in 2012, the Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, was an easy read, and an easy place to start reconditioning my unruly, out of control ego. When I say unruly, and out of control, I mean it. My life was in shambles, and little by little, I began putting together the happy life I have today.

I’m not saying I don’t have struggles, I do, we all do, but I have a different perspective of those struggles today, and I strive every day to do my best in all I do. I do my best not to take things personally. I do my best not to make assumptions, and I do my best to keep my words impeccable, so everyone understands what I am saying.

It is not human beings running faster, and faster toward their demise. It is the unconditioned, uncontrolled, unruly ego that drives human beings to do what they do. The ego is not who people truly are. The ego is real, and dangerous if not kept in check, and we have the vast history of human mistakes to prove it.

So carpe diem today with the four agreements in mind, and keep your ego duck taped in a corner for the day, and see just how beautiful life is, when humans get out of the way.

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