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Let's Have a High Vibrational Day

Starting your day off on a high vibrational note has its beginnings in being grateful upon opening your eyes. Practice making your first thought, and first words, “Thank You”.

“Thank You”, Father Universe and Mother Earth, for another opportunity to do your bidding to the best of my ability, with the help of my spirit guides, guardian angels, power, and totem animals. Simple prayer.

Giving thanks is giving back. And when you give back, the Universe keeps giving to you. When the Universe keeps giving, there is nothing lacking. Seeing the silver lining in all situations, helps you stay in the moment. And when you live in the moment, and are grateful for the moment, you are living a high vibrational day, regardless of what the moment is.

It is easy to allow emotions to bog you down in situations. But if you stay in the presence of the moment, and remain an observer of the moment, and don’t become a participant in the moment, you remain shielded from the chaos of the situation in the moment, and you discover peace and happiness, instead of anxiety. No matter what is happening in the moment.

If the moment is a terrifying, life threatening situation, then knowing you are loved, and looked after, no matter what happens, should bring a sense of some peace. If the body doesn’t survive the moment, your eternal spirit will. And your eternal spirit will be looked after by Father Universe for all of eternity, for that is the part of him in you.

Knowing these simple truths is faith. And in faith, goodness comes to those who have it. The 3D world may seem to be falling apart, but you remain an observer of the moment, and stand on the outside of the falling apart world. Here you are an observer, not a victim, and knowing this, keeps your vibrations high throughout the day.

When you remain the observer of the moment, you stay in a higher vibrational frequency than the happenings around you. That is why you can see the whole picture, the whole forest, instead of just the trees. The chaos spinning out of control, are the illusions of the 3D world, but you can stay out of the chaos, and raise your vibration, by saying, “Thank You”, for everything.

If you hang your clothes on a clothes line to dry, in an attempt to help the environment, say, “Thank You”. Thank Mother Earth for her breezes and warmth, and say, “Thank You”, to Father Universe, for the sun. When you say, “Thank You”, you are a positive, productive member of the whole, working together with the elements provided by the Universe and nature, instead of abusing them, and buying into the craziness of the 3D, illusional world. That is how simple raising your vibration is.

When you learn a lesson from a mistake, as opposed to remaining in the sludge of guilt over a mistake, this helps propel you to a level of higher vibrational thinking. When you flip life’s coin over from the craziness of other’s actions, and spend your day watching your own behavior, this exercise helps in applying lessons learned to your daily life. These actions allow you to function at a higher vibration by not getting caught up in the chaos of the day.

Using higher vibrational words, by having conversations with high vibrational friends, and other high vibrational individuals, is an expert way to learn to live on high vibrational waves. Reading inspiring books, listening, singing and dancing, to high vibrational music, releases stresses, and heals the body. Living at a higher vibration, allows time for the body to repair itself. And since our bodies, are our avatars needed to survive on this planet, we must do the best we can for them.

Saying, “Thank You”, keeps us from swamps of sadness. No one wants to remain stuck mentally in a past that can’t be changed, or a future that doesn’t exist. Distractions, like some commercials on TV, can be harmful to the body, and the mind. Some commercials remind people of their medical conditions, or debt, others push high fat foods. These can keep you from the moment, and mentally stuck in a body that needs help, not distractions, or bad food.

Distractions can snap you out of a higher vibrational zone, and bring you right back down to the 3D plane. So remind yourself, if you have anxiety over a TV ad, or a high fat meal, take yourself back to your higher vibrational place, and continue your good work.

Eating right, exercising, rightful thinking, and rightful doing, adds up to a happy, healthy body. A happy, healthy life, is not separate from a happy, healthy body. They are a tandem, along with the mind. The mind relies on eating right, and exercising, for rightful thinking, which leads to rightful deeds.

So it is in the best interest, for human beings, to pay a little less attention to the spiraling chaos of the 3D world around them, and focus a little more attention on their own thoughts, and behaviors, and then ask themselves how they can be of service, to humanity, and the planet.

Carpe Diem

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