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Is Your Thinking, Overthinking?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The only tangible reality human beings have is the present moment. It is the one place we are truly alive, and can experience all of what life has to offer. But in order to take advantage of those experiences, we must live life in the present moment.

Life is the collection of present moments, and memories are present moments gone by. Life’s journey is moving through life, moment by moment. There is no stopping life, and getting off. Moments end, when the body expires, and the soul moves on.

The past can carry physical, emotional, and mental scars into the present moment. It can be overwhelming when someone is facing scars from a past memory.

You can breaking free from an unhappy, horrifying, or life changing memory, by actually helping the Ego to stop the mind from overthinking the past event. Dwelling on old thoughts and feelings can hold your body and mind hostage. This is ego. This is not your true self. Your true self, is a spiritual self, that could never hold your body, or your mind hostage. Your true spiritual self is where Father Universe, and Mother Earth reside in you.

Look to the overthinking mind if you find yourself distracted to the point of causing stress, or unhappiness in your present moment. Pay attention to your body, and other senses as they react to the thoughts in your mind. Then stop your thinking there. Ask your true spiritual self to help you think of anything else. Ask your overthinking mind to, please stop it's continued attack on your physical, and mental being. It is best to be as kind as possible to your Ego. Most Ego's need some reconditioning, and all human beings have Ego's. The Ego is fragile. Where Truth is strength. And every human being is both.

You can kick the Ego out of your head by thinking of happy, positive memories, or thoughts. If kittens make you happy, think of them. Just think of anything else, but what is causing you stress. And when the stress thoughts return, which they will, think happy thoughts again, until finally you get some peace. This may take some time, depending on the trauma from the past. It’s taken me over five decades, and I’m still a work in progress. I always remind myself that life is not a race. It is meant to be lived slowly, so we can appreciate all that life has to offer. Slow down the overthinking mind, and you slow down your life.

Because the present moment is the only tangible reality we have, that is the only place where memories can be made. We can feel, taste, touch, hear, see, believe, and enjoy the present moment. All events, gatherings, plans, trips, occur in the present moment. And we have our imaginations to fill in feelings, and emotions, of a future event, because of our past experiences. Only we decide if we are going to cloud our present moments with hurtful or painful memories.

If you find your thoughts wandering into a future that hasn’t happened yet, you might be daydreaming. Or you might be overthinking. We make future plans in the present moment. Sometimes they work out, and sometimes they don’t. I have found trying to force a situation to happen rarely works. The saying, “God laughs when you make plans”, comes to mind.

When thoughts of the future are stressful, or anxiety filled, that is the Ego overthinking again. Projecting into the future about a happy event, can make someone feel good about what might come down the pike. But if the feelings are angry, fearful, etc. this is your ego overthinking, and holding you hostage from the only freedom you have, the present moment.

And just when you notice your present moment is being over taken by your overthinking mind, your best friend steps in to save the day. Hooray!! Breaking the spell. and for a second or two, you and your new best friend Consciousness are one,. Filling the void left behind by fear with peace, and a calm understanding that, "All is as it should be". As long as I'm doing my best":

Grab Consciousness!! Hold on to those seconds for as long as you can. That is the present moment. Where all life happens. It is all we have. It is truth, integrity, and honesty. Living your life in the present moment is honoring ourselves, our families, but most importantly, we are honoring Mother Earth and Father Universe. We have just as big a responsibility to THEM, as we do to the people in our present moment lives.

When you live your life in the present moment, and your intentions are in alignment with your Father Universe and your Mother Earth, staying in the moment becomes easier and easier. When THEIR needs are incorporated into your life, than your life becomes easier than being hostage to the Ego. To be in accord with THEM, you must look inside yourself honestly for those answers.

This is not difficult. Once you slow the overthinking mind, and allow your best friend Consciousness to help you prevail over your foe the Ego, you become friends with your Ego. Many people name their cars. Name your Ego. It is part of you. But it is not who you are.

Here is where your spiritual, support family forms before your very eyes. You have your Father, your Mother, and your spiritual family filled with guides, angels, power and totem animals, and like a playful otter, you slip into the river of life, and flow:

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